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The scorching summers are here, and it is high time to remain hydrated to keep your mind and body cool, and indulge in ice creams and cold drinks. But Indian summer without cooling devices is unimaginable. The rush for air conditioners and coolers is high during the summertime. But air conditioners are already quite expensive and come with the additional cost of sky-high electricity bills that makes it difficult to maintain them. Also, air conditioners provide cooling by recirculating the internal room air, which is not considered a healthy option. So, people prefer to invest in perfect air coolers rather than air conditioners as they are more viable economically and healthy comparatively.


The obvious answer to why you need an air cooler is to beat the summer heat. But the health and economic benefits are also important. Rather than spending a hefty sum on air conditioners, one can spend much less on-air coolers and get the same result. Being energy efficient, they are more cost-effective in the long run. Besides, they are environmentally friendly too. They provide healthy and fresh air unlike air conditioners and do not release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere.

But choosing an air cooler is not that easy as you must consider a lot of things like the size of the area to be cooled, capacity of the water tank, cooling pads, features, and most importantly the budget, which always remains the priority. Moreover, the market is today flooded with so many options easily available online and offline, with each one of them highlighting their new features and technology. To make the choice easier, we have discussed the different types of air coolers available and their key features that you can consider while buying one for you.


The different types of air coolers available in the market are mainly classified based on their shape, design, size, and capacity. Besides, different features are also available that provide a better option to choose a perfect air cooler. Knowing about the different types of air coolers is important and will make it easier for you to finalize the one for your requirement. These types are:


With a large tank capacity and a powerful motor, desert air coolers are perfect for regions with dry climatic conditions. As they have superior air throw, they are suitable for large spaces. They can run for hours with their large tank capacity and effectively cool a very large area. Generally, they are installed to the window for cooling the entire indoor space, however, the smaller size desert coolers are kept in balconies to throw air inside and these smaller coolers are therefore provided with wheels so that they move the cooler around a little.


These air coolers are quite compact and portable. They are mostly used in small spaces and do not have noisy operations. They are mostly used for personalized cooling solutions. These coolers are suitable for workspaces, homes, and small areas. They usually come with movable trolleys to move around and consume very less energy.


These coolers are quite sleek and elegant in design. They can be fitted in small spaces. As their name suggests, they have a height and can be used for spot cooling too. They are mostly suitable for shops, dining areas, office uses, etc. Movable trolley is a standard feature for these coolers to help movability around and they consume very less energy.


The highly effective design of the duct cooler has cooling pads on all 4 sides and the fan is provided at the top side. The air throw from the fan is diverted to the front side using a small L-share duct portion giving the name to this cooler design. These coolers can be placed indoors or can be fitted in the windows to save floor space. If placed indoors, then they should be placed in such a way that they pull the air from outside directly and circulate fresh air inside the room. Ideal for small spaces like a study room, hostel room, small shop, these are perfect when you want to keep the floor space free.


The principle behind the cooler operation is evaporative cooling. In the case of air coolers, the evaporative media is the cooling pads, and the evaporation of water happens from the cooling pads resulting in cool air. These evaporative pads are constantly kept wet with the help of a water pump, which takes the water from the bottom tank and keeps circulating it on the cooling pads. The fan of the air cooler pulls hot dry air through these wet pads causing evaporation of water from these pads and resulting in cooler and moistened air. This cool air is then thrown into the room by the fan. Doors and windows of the cooling area should be kept open to ensure that fresh air is constantly circulated.


Some of the key features that you should consider while buying coolers are:

– Water Tank Capacity

The cooler must be chosen as per the size of the room, and this decides the water tank capacity. If the water tank capacity is large, then it can provide cooling for a longer duration. Thus, if you want to cool a very large space, you must choose a cooler with a large water tank capacity.

– Cooling Pads

There are cooling pads of different designs and materials. Common cooling pad designs are honeycomb pads and wood wool pads. Both of these pads have their own advantages and disadvantages. As a thumb rule, honeycomb pads should be preferred in coastal areas, whereas wood wool pads should be preferred in hot and dry regions.

– Design

Coolers available in earlier days were bulky and they consumed a very large space. Now, there are different options available with different sizes, shapes, heights, etc. to accommodate even in small spaces.

– Room Size

Based on the room size and cooling requirements, you can go for different types of coolers. So, the size of the room plays an important role when you buy a cooler.

– Budget

There are different coolers available in different price ranges and with advanced features. You can easily choose the right cooler model as per your budget.


Ram Coolers is the perfect brand of air coolers if you are looking for the best cooler for home or other commercial purposes. Ram coolers have personal air cooler to small air coolers to desert coolers as well as industrial air coolers, etc. And if you are searching for the best air cooler online, you can visit Ram Coolers website to compare different models and the air cooler price. With free delivery pan India, you can easily order your cooler online and get it delivered to your doorstep. The coolers from Ram Coolers are highly effective, need less maintenance, and show almost no trouble.


We want to help make your indoors/outdoors healthy and comfortable.

Ram Coolers offers the best coolers in India, you can buy our air coolers online from the company website:  https://www.ramcoolers.com/
If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be pleased to help you.
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