What is the difference between a central air-conditioning system and an Air Cooler?

A central air-conditioning system is a ‘closed’ system. The air flows through a filter and is circulated through a refrigeration cycle where the heat is removed. The air is then sent into the living space through the outlet registers. A clean filter and tightly closed exterior doors and windows help this type of system work most efficiently. In contrast an Air Cooler is an ‘open’ system. Air Cooler evaporates the water from cooling pad installed in the coolers to cool the circulating air. This cooling principle is similar to the perspiration system of our skin, which our body uses to keep us cool during summer.

What is the relevance of rpm in an Air Cooler?

Higher rpm (rotations per minute of fan) offers better cooling efficiency but is associated with higher air cutting sound / noise. It is therefore better to have bigger fan size and lesser rpm for a sound free operation of the cooler. All the present coolers in the market use electronic speed control switches against the earlier 3 step speed control regulators and are able to offer multiple rpm adjustments and better speed/sound control.

Do Air Coolers actually save energy?

An Air Cooler uses 70% less power than Air Conditioner. The annual energy savings make Air Cooler a cost effective alternative to Air Conditioner.

What is relief air and what is the meaning of unrestricted air relief area?

As an Air Cooler draws fresh outside air through the cooler into the home, hot stale inside air is exhausted out of the home. This is referred to as relief air. Generally speaking, a good relief design (air relief area) exhausts slightly more air out of the home than your cooler supplies.

How many windows and doors must I leave open?

It’s all based on the unrestricted exhaust air openings your home requires. For every 100 square feet cooling area, allow 2 square feet of unrestricted air relief through windows or doors.

How cooled air can be directed into various rooms?

Direct the air exhaust / air relief from primary room by opening windows or doors in second room. The second room should have an unrestricted / relief area on the opposite wall for exhaust air (2 square feet for every 100 square feet).

What is the benefit of a room cooler?

A room cooler requires no installation or wiring and can be used anywhere spot cooling is needed. Suited for small residential and commercial applications.

Where should room cooler be placed?

The most important thing is to place a portable Air Cooler where there is plenty of fresh air. The best position is adjacent to an open window or external door with additional openings on the opposite side of the room for relief air. This placement will provide the most cooling comfort.

Is the cooling efficiency of slim cooler similar to normal coolers?

Slim size of the cooler unit results in smaller cooling pad area and the fan rpm is kept low, which helps avoid the water droplets entering into the discharge air in these coolers. Thus overall slim coolers have a compromised cooling efficiency compared to the normal coolers.

 Which Air Cooler is better fiber body or Steel body?

Fiber body coolers offer better looks compared to steel body coolers but have comparatively much smaller cooling pad area. Fiber body coolers, therefore, have lesser cooling efficiency compared to steel body coolers. If these cooler are regularly maintained and serviced atleast once in a year, steel body coolers have longer life compared to fiber body coolers.

What should one look while buying a quality steel body Air Cooler?

One can go for galvanized steel body cooler, as galvanization offers resistance to the rusting and thus offers longer life to the cooler. The electrical components should be quality products with guaranteed trouble free operation. Simpler the electric circuitry of the cooler, better it is from the servicing point, as it provides the servicing possibility even by local electrician.

What is the best time to buy cooler from the market?

Coolers are seasonal products needed only in the few months of summer. The price of all the seasonal products in higher during the season and same is the case for coolers too. Therefore it is better to book / purchase a cooler at least a month before the season starts. This will ensure that cooler is available right from the starting summer days and will help you to save few hundred rupees also.

Is the leveling important for Air Cooler to operate properly?

Yes, when an Air Cooler is leveled well, right amount of water will reach the pads present in different sides and will avoid their drying. This would allow proper cooling of warm air entering the Air Cooler.

What should be done when the cooler doesn’t seem to be cooling?

You could have inadequate exhaust. For every 100 square feet cooling room area, 2 square feet of unrestricted air relief is needed in the opposite wall. Check the water distribution system to ensure there is adequate water reaching the pads. Clean the distribution system if needed. Also, check the pads to make sure they aren’t clogged. If they are, clean and/or replace as needed.

What precaution should be taken while restarting Air Cooler after a long period of time?

Always drain the water from the cooler and start with fresh water if it has not been in operation for a week or longer. If you are shutting down the cooler for an extended amount of time or for the season, drain the water and clean the cooler. Cover cooler after cleaning.

How often an Air Cooler should be cleaned?

Empty and replace the water reservoir at least once a month with fresh clean water to reduce scale or mineral deposits from building up on the pad. At a minimum, clean your cooler and replace the pads at least once every year preferably during the shutdown after the summer season is over. This will help maintain the high performance of Air Cooler.

 How often should Air Cooler be serviced?

Regular maintenance will extend the life of your cooler and help avoid unnecessary problems associated with parts replacement. We recommend servicing cooler every year during shutdown of the cooler after the summers season is over.

Will the Air Cooler cool better if ice is added?

Ice or ice water produces about three degrees cooler air from an Air Cooler for a short period of time and improves cooling efficiency more dramatically if the cooler has been sitting in a hot area.

Do water droplets arising from Air Cooler lead to air borne diseases?

There is no such report of diseases arising from Air Cooler operations. Regular replacement of water in the cooler atleast once in a month or when cooler is not in operation for a long term helps keep the water and discharge air fresh in the cooler.

Is it okay to use hard water in Air Cooler?

Hard water may cause corrosion decreasing the effective life of your cooler.

How do Air Coolers rid my house of indoor pollutants?

Air cooling constantly exchanges the air instead of re-circulating it so stale, polluted inside air is replaced with fresh, filtered outside air that has been cooled.

What should be done when an Air Cooler produces an unpleasant odor?

Drain, flush and clean the reservoir. Clean or replace pads, if needed.

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