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Desert air cooler work on the platform of evaporative technology. The unsaturated hot air, which is pulled inside the air cooler from the outside environment, associates with water circulating over the cooling pads. The water on the pads evaporates and in this process, the air takes up moisture thus decreasing the overall temperature.

Talking about the overall design and function of a desert cooler, there are cooling pads on all three sides of the desert cooler, which are consistently hydrated with water by a water pump. The cooling pads absorb the heat of the air when it passes through and therefore the air becomes cooler. As a result, the water on the cooling pads evaporates while consuming the heat from the air. The moist and cold air is thrown into the directed space or area and provides cooling.


The dominant advantages and benefits of a Desert Air Cooler are:

➢They are substantially inexpensive compared to Air conditioners. The range of price for the best category Desert Cooler is almost one-third the price of a mid-range AC, and the economic factor coupled with the effectiveness of cooling and comfort makes it a sound investment for commercial places, factories, halls, large houses, and manufacturing or production units, where high amounts of heat and dryness are generated.

➢Considerable and marked efficiency in electrical consumption is another major factor of a concurrent cost reduction. The less electrical energy consumed is proportional to reduced energy pollutants, making a Desert Cooler more environment friendly and therefore, sought after.

➢Lastly, rather than recycling the stale air over and over again, a Desert Air Cooler sucks in the fresh air from outside and through the evaporation mechanism, throws cold air into the designated area. Needless to say, the health factor is a major criterion to be considered, to be inclined to purchase a Desert Cooler by the consumer.


These coolers got their name from the climate prevailing in the deserts, which are synonymous with extremely dry and scorching heat with negligible humidity. Thus Desert Coolers are the right, relevant and ideal fitment as a cooling machine in northern, central, and western parts of the country, where the climate is hot and dry.

These mammoth coolers can cool the air quickly, resulting in a very fast drop in temperature in a room; however, they need an open background to have the abundant quality of the natural air from outside to produce cooling to a larger space or area. Thus in a confined or enclosed room, the effect of cooling is adversely affected, and the same type of low performance is seen in the case of humid climatic conditions.


While it is advisable and judicious to have a regular schedule to run a maintenance check on your desert cooler, which ensures proper and uninterrupted functioning of the same; it is equally important to winterize your desert cooler in the cold season when there is a prolonged non-usage.

Routinely, the water tank needs to be cleaned for the prevention of fungus, molds, and other infectious growth, the wiring, electrical circuit, motors, and fans also need to be inspected. However, during the winter season, the following steps are essential for maintenance:

  • Disengaging the water source and draining the water line completely and thoroughly is important.
  • Panels should be removed to wash the cooling pads and then remove water from the bottom tank to completely dry the tank.
  • Mineral accumulation as well as rust, if any, needs to be well cleaned with acid or vinegar.
  • Painting work needs to be taken to arrest the rusting further and give a better life to your desert cooler.
  • The side panels containing pads need to be re-installed after drying, before putting the Desert Cooler in cover (Note that old cooling pads, if clogged, need to be replaced with new ones so that the Desert Cooler is again ready to use next summer season).

While both these coolers work on identical technology or mechanism for cooling per se, which is evaporation, there are some granular contrasts between the two, which are:

Climatic Conditions – While Desert Coolers are more effective in arid areas and dry and sun-baked climates, Room Coolers work well even in slightly humid weather.

Room Size – Room and Personal Coolers are smaller and more compact and therefore beneficial for smaller rooms, whereas Desert Coolers are recommended for larger rooms, Factory areas, manufacturing units, hotels, restaurants, banquets, and even for the entire house.

Mobility – Room or Personal Coolers are portable and thus can be shifted whenever necessary, however the Desert Cooler, by far in the majority of situations, is fixed and mounted either to the window or to the wall.

Air Flow – Desert Coolers primarily suck the air from the outside atmosphere, mix it with the water, and the moisture content on evaporation cools the air, which is then thrown to the directed area. On the contrary, a Personal Cooler mainly uses the air from enclosed space (taking only a little air from an open door or open window as a part of air cross-ventilation) and re-circulates the same after converting it to cold air through the evaporation mechanism.

Cooling Pads – Naturally, the capacity of the Desert Air Cooler to cool larger rooms, spaces, halls, and the like, they need larger and thicker cooling pads that have better and greater water retention capacity to cool air faster than a Personal Cooler.

Water Tank Capacity – In Personal or Room Coolers, the water tank is small, and that well suffices for sustaining the cooling function for a long period. However, because of its sheer size, the water reservoir is fairly large in a desert cooler, mostly found with a water dispenser, and an inlet hose connectivity to continuously feed water for uninterrupted cooling.

Noise Level – While the exhausts in the Desert Cooler make noise, which comes with the cooling effectiveness, Room Coolers are quieter in comparison. However, proper maintenance of electrical connections and wiring ensures that the noise is in check and a soft sound is acceptable for the Coolers.

Desert Coolers come in jumbo sizes with a water tank capacity of anywhere between 40 – 160 liters. It is advisable to explore the top brands of desert Coolers online, which disclose the latest features and benefits for the consumer. Therefore, it has to be a well-judged purchase decision on the basis of relevance and utility. The ones with trolleys or custom stands are a better choice compared to those which do not provide the same. While most of the renowned brands feature online, the price factor, sales promotions, and free delivery are countable factors to get the best deal on Desert Coolers.


Ram Coolers offers the best air coolers in India, we have our corporate showroom in Nagpur, and we have a distribution network across India. We can also deliver coolers to the customer’s doorstep across India through our cargo partners. You can buy our Coolers online from our website: https://www.ramcoolers.com/

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