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With the advancement of technology, electric appliances have become sophisticated and efficient. Also, the aim is to improve designs to make them smart, convenient, and comfortable to use. So, companies are coming up with better solutions to make the operation of these devices smoother and easier.

Air cooler is one such electric appliance that has advanced significantly in terms of design and efficiency. Air coolers have always been more convenient cooling options as they are budget friendly compared to air conditioners and they mostly come with wheels for portability. One problem that has been consistent with air coolers is that they are quite bulky and thus, consume a lot of space. But these days, you can even find slim air coolers, which are very sleek in design and can fit easily in smaller spaces.

You may get confused while choosing the best cooling option for your home, as there are so many different devices available like portable air conditioners, slim coolers, tower coolers, duct coolers, etc. We have compared a slim air cooler and a portable air conditioner here to make it easier. Both these cooling devices have been discussed in detail to help you decide better.


Slim air coolers due to their sleek design are quote space-saving. They operate on the principle of evaporative cooling. It is a natural process that helps circulate fresh and moisturized air inside the room. The operating mechanism is quite simple. The cooler pulls in outside fresh air and cools it down with the help of water that acts as a refrigerant. It then pushes this cold air using a fan into the room. As a result, the fresh air is circulated inside the room every time and the moisture content of room air is maintained too.


The advantages of a slim air cooler are:

  • It is not bulky and saves a lot of space. Thus, it can fit inside home easily, and no special constructional arrangements are needed, unlike air conditioners.
  • It is a cost-effective and long-term option. Besides, it is also energy efficient. As whole, slim air coolers are quite affordable.
  • Another advantage of a slim air cooler is that it is easy to operate. You need not take the help of skilled technicians to install it, nor does it require frequent maintenance and servicing.
  • Being portable, it can be moved across different rooms as per your requirement. Also, you can keep the room well-ventilated instead of sealing every air passage.
  • The best thing about air coolers is that they use natural coolants for their operation. They do not depend upon toxic and harsh chemicals for cooling. As a result, the environmental impact is minimal. It does not aggravate asthma and allergies as it continuously circulates fresh air rather than stale air, unlike air conditioners.


There are a very few disadvantages of slim air coolers, like:

  • They are a bit noisy in operation.
  • They are not as powerful in cooling as air conditioners. Air conditioners use chemical refrigerants that help in achieving controlled temperature below 24 degrees also which is practically not possible with slim air coolers.
  • Air coolers need frequent water changes as they depend upon water for their cooling process. If water is not changed regularly, it may become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects.

There are portable air conditioners available these days that do not require permanent installation. If your windows cannot accommodate window AC, you can easily go for portable air conditioners, which are quite compact in size. They come with an exhaust pipe that pushes the hot air outside.

These air conditioners come with a single box-like unit. There are hot and cold units within the box only. The condenser unit is also placed inside the box. As air enters the air conditioner unit, the condenser inside the box works on this air to reduce its temperature and make it cooler. The heat extracted from the air is expelled with the help of the exhaust hose.

There is also an internal drain bucket that collects the water accumulated due to the condenser. But the cooling mechanism remains the same. It uses chemical refrigerants to cool the air and also removes the moisture content from the air. As a result, the cool air becomes dehydrated and feels dry.


The advantages of portable air conditioners are:

  • These cooling devices are very powerful and can effectively cool a room in very less time. They can even achieve the temperature of the room between 20 to 25 degrees during peak summers.
  • As they are portable, you do not require a dedicated window unit or make construction changes to install the air conditioner. It just needs an outlet for the exhaust hose so that the hot air can be expelled out of the room.
  • They work well in humid areas too. You need not fill in the water or change the water frequently.


Few of the disadvantages associated with portable air conditioners are:

  • They use harsh chemicals for cooling, and these chemicals have a negative impact on the environment. These chemicals are responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer too.
  • The cold air released from the air conditioner is quite dry. It causes different health problems like dry and itchy eyes, dehydrated skin, etc. Also, the same stale inside room air is recirculated and it is not fresh air, which may trigger allergic reactions, asthma, cold, and flu in some people.
  • Although the device is said to be portable, there are some placement restrictions too. It needs to be placed near the window so that the exhaust pipe can be accommodated.
  • A major disadvantage of this cooling appliance is the heavy cost associated. The initial purchase price of a portable air conditioner is high, and it also requires frequent maintenance and servicing. Besides, it has a very high operational cost as it consumes a good deal of power.

So, if you want to invest in a cost-effective cooling device that can be accommodated in smaller space, offers efficient cooling, needs less maintenance, and is durable too, then a slim air cooler is a very good air-cooling solution. If you are looking for the top Slim Air Cooler supplier, Ram Coolers has the best air cooler on offer this summer. Ram coolers from Nagpur (Best Air Coolers dealersalso follow a strict quality policy to ensure that you get trouble-free and the best portable air coolers. You can search for the wide range of coolers available on the website and place your order for free delivery across India.


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