Maintenance of air cooler

How to take care of your Air Cooler- A Complete Maintenance Guide

Air coolers are a great way of beating the heat this summer season. Besides, they are a huge favorite among people because not only are their systems less complicated than air conditioners, but also because they are very affordable and have extremely low maintenance.

Nonetheless, every electrical appliance requires some effort and maintenance, not only to enhance its performance, but also to prolong its life and reduce cost of repaire by professional mechanics in the near future. Read on for some tips for maintenance of air cooler

1. Cleaning all of the dust

In most cases, air coolers die out fast because of all the dirt particles that have been accumulated over the years and have not been cleaned out. Trust us when we say this, by cleaning out all of the dirt from your air cooler, you are automatically improving its performance. Next time, take a clean cloth, and do a thorough cleaning of the fans, remove dirt from pads by keeping the under the running tap water. If need be, you can also use lukewarm water along with a mild cleaning detergent, or you could also use a cleaning solution made only for air coolers.

2. Properly storing it

It is important to store the air cooler properly when you are not using it during a duration of time (particularly during the winter). The first being switching off the power supply and removing the chord from the plug point to prevent wear and tear. It is always advised that you do the same during a power surge or a thunderstorm to prevent permanent damage to your appliance. Also, when not in use, remove the water from tank and dry the cooler by running just the fan without water pump. Clean the cooler thoroughly and store it in a place after covering it properly with a soft cloth to prevent dust accumulation.

3. Keep in mind the wiring and insulation

Just because you feed water into your air cooler, it does not mean that you should keep it near or on a puddle of water, because not only can it damage the appliance, but also makes it prone to electrical shock. You should never feed dirty water into your cooler. Also, be very sure to check that there are no loose wires around the appliance; the main switch is alright, that there are no leaks in the water system and pipes, and that the insulation is in good condition.

4. Make sure the motor is in good condition

Basically, the better your air cooler’s motor performs, the cooler your room gets. This means that apart from dusting and cleaning, the motor needs to be maintained as well. Thankfully, the maintenance of an air cooler’s motor does not require any professional help, and can be done at home. Just switch off the main power supply to the air cooler, unplug the switch and use 2 to 3 drops of any good and reliable lubricating oil in white oil nipple given on body of the motor. Try to prevent any form of oil spilling in the other parts of the air cooler.

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