Ways to Make Your Air Cooler More Efficient This Summer

Air coolers are one of the most common cooling appliances that we have in the market. When the temperatures are soaring in the summer season, air coolers help in keeping our house cool. They are used very prominently because they offer efficient air cooling, are affordable, reliable, and are safe for the environment.

Compared to the air conditioners, they use less power, thus the electricity bill is much lesser. You can buy an air cooler for your house and even an air cooler for commercial purposes. You can even get the cooler size customized as per the requirements of your house and office.

If you are planning to buy an air cooler during this summer, you can always google to buy air coolers online in India. And once you become a proud owner of this cooling appliance, you must ensure the following things to get optimal efficiency of air cooler during the summer season:


Use the Right Size of Air Cooler

For your air cooler to work efficiently, it is very important to understand that the cooler you are using is of right size for your cooling area. If your room is bigger then a small cooler would not cool the room at all. If your room is too small, then a big cooler will make it chilling cold and consumes more electricity. So, when you go to Buy Air Coolers Online, then you can consult the vendor about the right size. They will guide you properly as to which cooler will be a perfect fit for your house.


Clean Your Air Cooler to Make Sure that It Is In Top Condition before Use

Like other appliances and devices in the house, an air cooler also requires proper care and attention. The cooler is used for nearly 5 to 8 months and the remaining months during the year, and then it is stored for rest of the months. This is the time when your cooler requires most of the attention. You should properly clean your air cooler, pack and store it properly to increase its lifespan.

You should only use an air cooler if it is in top condition. If the condition is not ideal, then time has come for comprehensive maintenance or to buy a new one. If you are one amongst those people who cannot maintain coolers regularly, then you can go for portable coolers.

By maintaining the condition of cooler, you will not only get better cooling but the cooler will also be more efficient. Every year, take out some time and call a technician for routine maintenance of the cooler. Check cooling pads, electrical fittings, the water tank, body condition, water pump and other fittings.

Timely maintenance of your cooler guarantees better cooling and also longer life for your air cooler.


Make Sure Your Space Is Properly Ventilated

Your cooler works in the most efficient way, if you provide proper ventilation. It is a big misconception that coolers work like air conditioner in closed spaces. More the ventilation, better your cooler works. Since air coolers work on the principle of evaporation, the hot air passes through the wet pads which are soaked with water, which in turn provides cool air inside.

So for excellent cooling, you need proper airflow. For the best results, place your cooler, right in front of the window. Ventilation is also very important for pushing the humidity out. Open the windows of the room, but only that much where cross ventilation can take place. If you open too much, then the room’s temperature will increase.


Position Your Air Cooler Properly For Air Exchange

For best cooling results, you can rightly position your air cooler. This can only be done if you have portable cooler as they are designed in such a way that they can be moved from one place to the other.

For example you can position air cooler in such a manner that fan air reaches directly in your living area or dining area. Or you can try keeping it in front of your bed, where you would be sleeping. Try changing the position of your air cooler properly for air exchange, which in turn would give you cool air.


Ensure proper Saturation of the Cooling Pads

One of the major parts of an air cooler is its cooling pads. For an air cooler to operate at peak effectiveness, it is very important that the cooling pads are saturated in water. If they are not saturated well then you will not get cool air. In such a scenario, you can check water distribution to the pads or may try cleaning the cooling pads to ensure that water reaches the entire pad properly.

To ensure instant cooling, you can let the pump on while the tank is filling with water. This will make the pump run water through the entire cooling pads and the pads will get saturated in the water beforehand. Once the tank is full, you can start your fan. This will give you cool air instantly and you will not have to wait for the cooling pads to get soaked first.


Use Cool Water If Necessary

Everyone knows how the evaporation process takes place. When water evaporates, it takes the heat away from air as well as water and offers cooling. The water in the tank becomes chilling cold in very few minutes when the cooler switched on. Use of cool water can be a good option for the instant cooling. It can be regular room temperature water also; water straight from the tank is also good. If it is very hot then only, you should use cool water otherwise using regular tank water is good.

For extra cooling, many people add ice, which should be skipped. If you have a big water tank, then it might require a lot of ice, which is impossible to get on an everyday basis.


Wrap up

For your air cooler to work effectively, it is very important that you follow the Air Cooler Maintenance Tips mentioned above. Also, to get the Best Air Coolers, you can contact Ram Coolers, they not only sell coolers but also provide installation, repairing, servicing, and other services.

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