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Types of Portable Air-Cooling appliances in 2022

Summers are very tough to endure without cooling devices. For the last few years, the temperature has been increasing alarmingly. So, cooling devices have become a necessity for Indian summers. But, with many options available, you must be wondering what type of cooling device you need for your home.

If you are planning to buy a cooling device this summer, then you should consider getting a portable one. This article explains about portable cooling devices, their types, and better option for you this summer. So, go through the details given in this article to discover all about these devices.


Types of portable Air-cooling appliances

Portable air-cooling appliances are not the solution only during summer months but they provide comfort throughout the year. They can be used for cooling in residential, commercial, or business establishments. The most common types of portable cooling devices in the market are:


●     Tower Fan

Tower fans are tall, thin, rectangular cooling system and are designed to easily fit into small and tight spaces. They can be placed into the corner of a room and come with different speed settings. These fans have the ability to oscillate and help to distribute the air evenly in the entire room. However, these fans do not generate cool air and are just an addition to the air conditioners or air coolers for the better distribution of cool air.


●     Tower Air Conditioner

Tower ac is a type of air conditioner which is not mounted on ceiling or wall instead they are placed on a floor. It has two unit’s indoor unit is usually fixed in a corner of a room and outdoor unit is installed outside. These Tower ACs come with a much higher capacity than any conventional Window / Split ACs and are a lot more portable.


●     Portable Evaporative air coolers

These are very cost-effective and durable cooling devices which can be installed easily anywhere. Being portable, they can be easily moved in and around. Both internal and external water sources can be used for the purpose. Besides, they use energy very efficiently unlike other power-hungry devices. Therefore, they are most common cooling option among Indian households.



Why are portable air coolers popular?

Portable air coolers have been used for years and are preferred to other cooling devices for different reasons. Apart from providing an efficient cooling, they also help in maintaining the indoor humidity. Here are some of the best benefits of using portable air coolers:



Coolers are undoubtedly the most budget-friendly options. Not only do they have lower initial costs, their maintenance cost is also minimal. No special arrangements are needed towards installation of these units. Also, air coolers are durable and long-term options that does not demand frequent maintenance service unlike other expensive cooling devices.



The cooling devices like the air conditioners depend on chemical refrigerants, which are toxic to the environment. These coolants are responsible for the ozone layer depletion and are therefore, not an eco-friendly option. Air coolers, on the other hand, work on the evaporative technology that results in natural cooling, without using any harmful cooling chemicals. The only thing used in this cooling process is water and cooling pads help in the cooling process. So, air coolers are eco-friendly options and do not affect the environment.


 Energy Efficient

There are power-hungry devices which consume a large amount of electricity. Thus, high additional spending on electricity bills adds to the running costs of these devices. But coolers are very energy efficient.  They can help in efficient cooling by consuming lesser electricity.


 Health benefits

Air conditioners strip off moisture from the air. As a result, the skin feels dehydrated and itchy. Also, health issues like itching and redness of eyes, sore throat, flu, cough, and another allergic symptom are very commonly experienced in an air-conditioned room.

For an air conditioner to work properly, the room needs to be fully insulated so that the air gaps are fully covered. There is continuous circulation of the same stale air within the room, which is not healthy. This also leads to suffocation and patients with tendency of asthma feel uncomfortable.

Air coolers, on the other hand, use the natural process for cooling. The indoor air remains moisturized and the skin remains hydrated. They work efficiently in well-ventilated room and there is no need to shield the room. Therefore, fresh air is circulated every minute, and this does not affect health negatively.


 Added Features

With so many features added to portable coolers these days, their operation has become quite convenient. They come with multiple speed settings, auto air swing, auto water cut-off, and with wheels for free movability. All these features make them comfortable to use.


How to choose the best air cooler?

When choosing an air cooler, below is the list of some factors that you should consider:



Always consider the quality of the cooler before buying. The materials used must be of good quality and should be durable.



Check for the features available especially the speed control, auto-swing water level indicator and the auto cut-off for the water supply. All these features will make the usage comfortable for you.



Decide the size of the cooler as per your requirements. Refer the specifications from the manufacturer to understand the right size for your cooling area.


 Cooling Pads

Type and the quality of the cooling pads is very important. Choose the coolers with wood wool pads or honeycomb pads depending on the weather conditions of your location.



There are so many varieties of coolers available that come in different shapes and sizes. You can choose according to the area where it will be fitted. Tower coolers are great in saving space.



Portable cooling devices are preferred mostly because they are movable, which makes them convenient for use. They are easy to function and need no extra setups for installation. Additionally, they are quite easier to maintain. If you want to buy a portable air cooing solution this summer, then you should consider portable air coolers. They are convenient, economic, and durable options for house cooling during this summer.


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