Tower Air Cooler

Tower Air Cooler – What You Should Know?

Tower Air Cooler – General Benefits

Tower Air Cooler is one of the best options in cooling a room and is the latest being the trendsetter in the Air Cooler platform. There are distinct benefits associated with this category that motivates consumers today towards buying Tower Air Cooler more. Some of these are;

  • Tower Air Cooler takes up much less space as the designs are generally very sleek and when space-saving is at a premium today, it becomes a more obvious choice than other Air Coolers.
  • Tower Air Cooler is both sleek and stylish and therefore is a desirable accessory to be displayed inside a room rather than a cumbersome normal Air Cooler. They compliment the aesthetic decor of a room as well.
  • Apart from being classy in the looks and being tall svelte, a Tower cooler is more stable in terms of the built as it is lightweight yet strong.
  • A tower cooler has the tangible benefit of cooling a bigger space and in a more quick time, thus making it more efficient and effective in the heat, since the air displacement from a Tower Cooler is comparatively at more height than other coolers.
  • Tower Coolers have a feature of attached wheels, which makes it very convenient to move it around the house as and when needed, and since it takes up less floor space, a tower cooler can be positioned in multiple places inside a room to get the most optimum cooling effect.

How loud are Tower Air Coolers

Tower Air Coolers are designed and devised in a way that they produce lesser noise when in operation. It is also proven that a tower Air Cooler is comparatively very silent when it is in operation with low speed, inside a room! The best Tower Air Coolers available online or in the open market are so well crafted that they produce no noise while in running condition, which is soothing, comfortable unlike the signature noise of the blowing fans of other Air Coolers.

How much space am I trying to cool?

While Tower Air Cooler is great as they are space-savvy and are the most convenient in areas or rooms with limited space, it is also created in such a mechanism to cool faster and also in a bigger space.

Since it has a tall design and true to the name, has a tower-like structure, the fans give a robust flow of air cooling a larger space. Since the air blows out from a height in these coolers, it has a capacity of circulating the cool air in an expansive coverage. Unlike the generic Air Cooler, Tower cooler fans swing and oscillate which provides cool air to a larger space at any given point in time.

Throwing the air at a higher scale, a Tower Air Cooler can cool air in a space ranging from 15 sq meters up to 50 sq meters in area, which is approximately around 500 sq feet and therefore is a large space, and absolutely ideal for apartment dwellers and high-rise complex residents.

Are Tower Coolers easy to operate?

Tower Coolers come with attachable wheels in most of the models from renowned brands which can move and rotate 360 degrees and therefore can be placed anywhere in the room with cooling air being thrown almost at any place in it. The Tower cooler comes mostly with a shockproof body that relieves the tension of placing it and operating from anywhere, including the kitchen or children bedroom. Thus Tower air cooler can be the right companion for apartment dwellers and high-rise complex residents living in cities with hot and sultry summers.

Are Tower Air Coolers environment friendly?

Tower Air Coolers in the market today, come with a host of features that help not only to make your life cooler, but also to provide clean, fresh, safe, and purified air to the environment of your room, at any time.

It is worth noting that Tower Air Coolers work on the fundamental mechanism of drawing fresh air and converting it to cool air which is thrown to the environment, makes it eco-friendly, and with zero emission of harmful gases, they provide eco cooling to your room anywhere and from any place.

Buying a Tower Air Cooler online and therefore choosing the best Tower Coolers available in India, in the open market is not difficult at all for the consumer. From svelte designs to being super stylish to compliment the aesthetics of your space, a Tower Cooler stands tall not only by its structure but also from competition to captivate your mind. With the wide array of features which ranges from durability, stability, and being pocket friendly, the Tower Cooler is environment friendly and saves power thus helps to reduce the electricity bills substantially.

One can choose suitable model from varied capacities available for the optimum relevance of cooling your personal space. The easy movability, the different fan speed, and the auto air swing function among many other reasons make Tower Cooler a must choice to beat the heat, conquer the summer and suppress the sultriness in the most elegant way possible.

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