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Easy Tips to Make Your Air Cooler Perform Better in Summer

Summers in India can be sweltering, especially in some parts. Temperatures in some parts of the country could reach 45 degrees Celsius. The rising temperature makes it difficult to stay calm and relaxed during the summer. Even though air conditioners are preferred by majority of the affluent class, middle class still relies on air coolers. After all, why not? Air coolers are less expensive and more cost-effective than air conditioners. In addition to being environmentally friendly, they give a great deal of comfort. Apart from that, the air coolers have several advantages over air conditioners. The working principle of evaporative cooling is to draw hot outside air into an air cooler and chill it by passing it through wet wood wool or honeycomb pads. With this brief introduction of air-coolers, we will move onto few simple guidelines, which if followed, can ensure that your air-cooler operates better during summer.



Ensure Proper Ventilation in the room

It is well a known fact beyond doubt that fresh air is necessary for human survival. Anyone would prefer to spend time outdoors in the perfect world, breathing in clean, pure air. Unfortunately, our occupations and the environment, in which we live, does not give us privilege to enjoy this perfect outdoor world. Therefore, most of us will spend a significant amount of time indoors, where temperature is not comfortable, and thus necessitating the need for an efficient ventilation system.



Set the Cooler in front of the window

Air-coolers, as we all know, work on the principle of evaporative cooling, which means that the hotter the air flowing in, the faster is the water evaporation and the cooler the air becomes. You can move the windowpane slightly after you’ve placed the cooler in front of it to increase cooling.



Size of Cooler for your Living Space

There are several varieties of air coolers that vary in design, unit size, tank capacity, climatic suitability, and installation requirement. Personal air coolers, for example, are appropriate for smaller rooms and are modest in weight. On the other hand, Tower air coolers can chill more significant areas. Window air coolers are installed in the window frame from outside and do not take room space. Nothing matches the window desert air coolers, when you are looking for most effective cooling and maximal room coverage. These coolers are the preferred ones in the dry regions, where the temperature is higher and the humidity is lower.



Ensure that windows are open for constant air exchange

Contaminants are bound to be higher in the air inside your house. Fresh air from the outside is considerably cleaner. You may increase your indoor air quality by opening windows and by allowing fresh air to enter inside. Opening two windows on opposing sides of a room creates a cross breeze, allowing bad air to escape and healthy air to enter.

Thus, the air cooler that constantly brings outside fresh air into your house will keep the indoor area fresh and healthy. By allowing the window on opposite side open, you can considerably enhance the cooling efficiency of your cooler. Fresh air from air cooler offers natural cooling and saves electricity.



Clean the Cooling Pads

Cooling pads (also known as heat exchangers) are critical components in the functioning of the air cooler. To guarantee that the evaporative cooler runs smoothly, clean the cooling pads once a month. In general, pads may not need replacement every year. However, the lifetime of evaporative cooling pads varies. It is dependent on how long and how often the cooler is being used. The quality of the water supply also impacts longevity of cooling pads. If the pad has accumulated salts or has lost its thickness, it should be replaced immediately.



Grow Some Houseplants

Did you know that houseplants assist in filtering the air we breathe in our homes? Indoor plants have long helped enhance our mood, lower the stress levels, and above all the enhanced air quality is a bonus! Go through the list of the best air-purifying houseplants. Some experts believe that selecting the correct air purifying plants for your home will help cleanse the air in your living spaces, which means that your houseplants will not only look excellent but will also work to clean the air you breathe in.



Try Cooler in Different Locations

There are a few things you can do to improve the efficiency of your air cooler, such as moving the cooler around. It might be as easy as closing the curtains in your room to prevent heat from entering or turning off lights and other appliances. You may find that the cross ventilation of air improves when you place the cooler at proper location, where it can successfully decrease the temperature while supplying cold air to everyone in the room.



Use Clean Water to Avoid Sediment Build-up

To keep deposits at bay, clean the water reservoir at the bottom of the cooling unit at least once a month throughout the summer. Before cleaning, please turn off the cooling unit. Use water and vinegar combination along with a soft brush to remove the accumulated dust and salts. Thoroughly rinse the cooling unit with clean water.



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