Personal Air Cooler and Desert Air Cooler

Which is the better option? Personal or Desert Coolers

With the advent of the summer season, arrives the time of gruelling, scorching, and dry heat precipitating from the fury of the sun blazing in all cylinders. In this time, not only Air Cooler becomes our true friend to give relief, comfort, and a cool, refreshing and invigorating environment but also becomes our best friend as it comes as both pocket friendly and a piece of environmentally conducive appliance. However, choosing the right Air Cooler becomes a tad confusing, as the buyer (consumer) is spoilt for choice, with the very many options flooding the market, and each coming with innumerable state-of-the-art features boasting of cooling efficiency.

While all the variants operate on the mechanism of evaporative cooling, Personal Air Cooler and Desert Air Cooler are the two categories of air coolers, which are broadly and widely sold in the market,


Personal Air Cooler and Desert Air Cooler

Predominantly, these two different categories are used for different purposes; while a Personal Cooler is effective indoor to provide cooling in personal space (Small area) during the hot weather, a Desert cooler is succinctly efficient in cooling an overall bigger space in a hot and dry climate which is away from the coastal areas. Desert coolers are much larger than Personal Coolers and thus can effectively cool much larger spaces and even to the farthest corner. Desert coolers are in very high demand throughout North (Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar) and central/South India (Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, and Telangana). Therefore, on the basis of your location, area, and purpose of beating the heat, some of the salient features help immensely to concretise your decision and simplify the search for the most appropriate cooling machine, which are:


Water Tank Capacity

As the cooling methodology of the Air Cooler is evaporative, and the main ingredient is water in this technology, it is, therefore, pragmatic to have large water tanks in an evaporative cooler. Bigger water tanks have the capacity of storing a large volume of water which directly sustains the longer operation of the Air Cooler. However, the catch is to select and judge rightly about the space, area, or room that you want to cool and select the Air Cooler which is the relevant fitment to your need. The frequency and duration of your use are the correct indicator of which machine to buy. While a desert cooler is bigger and therefore the water tank capacity ranges from 30 to 100 litres, which can go up to 160 litres in certain variants. A Personal cooler is smaller in size and the variance in the different sizes available is between 20 to 70 litres. Needless to say, in a dry hot climate, the water evaporates quickly, and thus even for a personal space which might be an office cabin or your study, it is best to buy a Personal Air cooler which has a water tank bigger in capacity.


Air Flow and Cooling Area

Buying the best fit Air Cooler which ideally serves your purpose is sometimes a complex decision. However, as a yardstick, Personal coolers are highly effective for areas that are within 200 sq. Ft, whereas the Desert Cooler can cool a room or a space much bigger, and ideally to the tune of about 800 to 1000 sq. Ft, which might be a whole office space or even up to a complete apartment! The Airflow of the Air Cooler is simply the volume of air that is cycled in your room every minute. This is denoted as CFM which is Cubic Feet of Air Per Minute. The CFM is mentioned for each Air Cooler when one goes for a purchase. The formula for measuring the CFM is to calculate the volume of your room and divide it by two. For example, if your room is 150 sq. Ft in size and the height of the ceiling is at 12 ft, the CFM required for your room would be 900 (150 X 12 = 1800 divided by 2). The other critical aspect is of using a fan or a blower for airflow, as fans create the airflow in large volumes but in low pressure whereas for blowers, the airflow is high volume and under high pressure. While one should look for a speed regulator for a Personal Cooler, a Desert Cooler having an automatic louver movement is the best one as it helps to spread the air and cool in all directions, which is meaningful in larger rooms and spaces.


Cooling Pads

The most important components in an Air Cooler are the Cooling Pads as it has a direct influence on the cooling efficiency. There are two kinds of cooling pads basis on their make. One is made of aspen and the other is of cellulose material which is also known as Honeycomb Cooling Pads. Both these type of pads have their own advantages and disadvantages. The Aspen Pads are cheaper than the Honeycomb Pads but they need replacement frequently (Every one to two seasons), however, the Honeycomb Cooling Pads are costly but have more life and need replacement after three to four seasons. Generally, aspen pads provide a better cooling effect in hot and dry climate whereas honeycomb pads offer comparatively better cooling in hot and humid environment.



While the global market for Air Cooler was estimated astonishingly at 2 billion USD in 2021, the rate of growth is almost the same in India at about 10% annually compounded and the looks at a whooping 9000 CR industry in the current year. The growth and demand have accelerated over the last few years as the stalwarts and market leaders in the Air Cooler selling space are investing in innovative, sleek, smart designs of Air Coolers which match with the taste of consumer and are a proud display by the owner. The favourable shift of consumers is not only because of the facts of Air Cooler being both energy efficient and eco-friendly, but the catalyst has been the stylish designs and the efficient performance coupled with castor wheels for portability of coolers.


Buy Air Coolers online at Ram Coolers

When it comes to buying Air Coolers online in India, one of the leading names in the market is Ram Coolers. With uncompromising quality on the electrical components of an Air Cooler to the formidable galvanised steel outer body, Ram Coolers is the leading brand in sales of all type of Air Cooler online. Ranging from 100 to 1000 sq ft space, Ram Cooler has all the varieties from a Personal Room Cooler to the Desert Cooler, which are subjected to cooling efficiency tests in extremely hot conditions to guarantee a quality purchase by any consumer, every single time. The Breathe Easy cooling pads (Loosely filled aspen pads) is the USP of Ram coolers which are highly effective in metal body coolers ensuring a long-lasting cooling effect. Thus to buy a Personal cooler or to buy the best Air Cooler online, the one-stop complete shop ends at Ram Coolers.


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