Outdoor or Indoor air coolers

Outdoor or Indoor Air Coolers, Which One Is More Effective?

Summers are getting increasingly hot every year. An evaporative cooler is an ideal choice for cooling both indoor and outdoor areas. Even for the cooling an indoor space, there is a choice possible between indoor or outdoor cooler. The indoor coolers will be placed inside the cooling area and are generally movable coolers, however the outdoor coolers are generally placed in the window from outside or in balcony and will be fixed at the location. Let’s look at whether  Outdoor or Indoor air coolers which one is more effective for low-cost indoor cooling.


How Does an Air Cooler Work?

Sweating works similarly: as water droplets on the skin’s surface evaporate, they transfer heat away from the skin, giving a cool feeling. It is also known that these air coolers may use up to 75% less power when compared to central air conditioners. Evaporative coolers are available in several designs. Water is continuously pumped on the cooling pads to moisten the pads and to create a thin layer of water on these pads. The powerful fan of the air cooler sucks the air through these wet pads and leads to evaporation of water from these cooling pads. The heat from this air entering the cooler is thus absorbed and the resulting moist and cool air is then thrown out of the cooler providing cooling.


Benefits Of Using Air Coolers

Air coolers aid air cooling by evaporating water and providing moisture to the environment. Air coolers are incredibly beneficial for delivering optimum cooling, particularly in dry locations, by adding moisture to the air. These coolers are ideal for cooling of any indoor area and provide efficient cooling in warm weather.


1. Effective In Terms of Cost and Energy Savings

Air coolers are far less expensive than air conditioners, and most individuals can afford them for their cooling requirements. Furthermore, the air coolers use far less power than air conditioners, resulting in significant savings.


 2. No Installation Difficulties

Installing an air conditioner is a time-consuming task. It takes professional experts to install the unit, and if it is a central air unit, it must be linked to your existing ductwork. However, installation of an air cooler is DIY task.


 3. Most Suitable for Rentals

You are subject to several limits or restrictions when renting a house or apartment. It is not always permitted to install a permanent air conditioner. Many people who live in such places believe that personal air coolers are the best option.


Types Of Air Coolers

Air coolers are classified into four categories, as listed below.


1.     Personal Coolers

This sort of air cooler is designed for compact spaces and is portable. These are also commonly referred to as mini air coolers.


2.     Tower Coolers

Tower Air Coolers can cool a larger area or space and are strong. Because they distribute air from a height, tower coolers can deliver cooling in larger rooms less time.


3.     Window Coolers / Desert coolers

As the name implies, window air coolers are ideally mounted on the window frame. The unit is completely located outside the home and takes up no inside space when installed. Desert air coolers are ideal for areas with minimal humidity and high temperatures.


4.     Duct Coolers

Duct air coolers are ideal to keep in a balcony or inside home. They are dual purpose coolers and are easily movable from one place to another. These coolers operate on the same idea of draining heat from the water and pushing cool air. Ram Coolers offers the duct coolers in various sizes to cover an area from 150 Sft to 1000 Sft.


5.     Jumbo Movable Coolers / Tent Coolers

These coolers are best suitable for large / mass gatherings. They have a very high air throw to ensure good air circulation in a suffocated area. Jumbo coolers from Ram Coolers can cover large indoor area of 1500 to 2500 sft. They are also suitable for outdoor spaces.


Key Features to Look Out For

Before purchasing an air cooler, consider the following factors: the size of your room, the height of the room, the outside temperature, humidity, size of the air coolers, air throw and water tank capacity, and most significantly the location where air cooler will be placed.


Benefit of an Indoor Cooler?

Indoor air coolers are ideal for providing instant relaxation and comfort from the heat and managing the air temperature of indoor area. Indoor air coolers are widely used in homes as well in businesses like banquet halls, marriage gardens, and restaurants. Personal coolers, Room Coolers and Tower coolers are mainly used in the residential settings as indoor coolers. Large size duct coolers and jumbo coolers are commonly used as indoor coolers for industrial facilities, commercial spaces, furniture showrooms, and tents.


Benefit of an Outdoor Cooler?

Desert Coolers and Duct coolers are frequently known as Outdoor air coolers. They are famous for open-air cooling or for window placement to cool indoor area. Outdoor evaporative coolers may be a refreshing complement to any outdoor activity, no matter where you reside. The basic principle for Outdoor air coolers again remains the evaporation of water, which is comparable to the cold sensation felt when exiting a swimming pool on a hot day.


Which Type of Air Cooler Should You Choose?

Water capacity is one of the most crucial elements to consider when selecting an air cooler. An air cooler with 30-40 liters is recommended if you have a large room. If you need an air chiller for a small area, a 20-liter unit is the best choice. Personal Coolers are the best option because they are designed for smaller spaces and are easily portable.


Outdoor Or Indoor Air Coolers Are More Effective

Personal air coolers are comparably smaller movable units for indoor cooling that can be walked and used in various spaces. It is mainly used to offer cooling to a person. Personal air coolers from Ram Coolers are unquestionably a fantastic choice for your study area or workplace cabin. Room Coolers and tower coolers are again the indoor air coolers to cover a large bedroom or drawing room. On the other hand, Desert coolers are generally immovable and are ideal for large hall area or any location with more space. Desert coolers are frequently found at hotels, restaurants, banquet halls, and other public places. Duct coolers from Ram Coolers can replace desert cooler or tower coolers for window placement as well as for indoor placement.


What are the Best Air Coolers Available in The Market?

Best Air Coolers for Your Room this Summer:

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