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Nagpur Desert Coolers – Why is Nagpur famous for Desert Coolers?

Rising temperatures and fiery heat accompanies the summers in India. Also, the skyrocketing electricity costs add to the woes, and what people seek is the cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions for some respite. Air coolers come to the rescue as they are economical options and consume significantly less energy when compared to expensive air conditioners. Also, they provide fresh and filtered air, and cooling comfort. There are different air coolers available with Ram Coolers such as window air coolers, personal air coolers, tower air coolers, and desert coolers. You can choose air coolers based on the requirements. For example, personal air coolers are meant for small areas, whereas desert air coolers are pretty large and specifically designed for hot and dry desert-like climatic conditions.


About Desert Coolers

Dry and scorching summers are prevalent across many places in India, and the best cooling solutions for harsh summers are desert coolers. They are environmentally friendly and quite economical if compared with air conditioners, which are known to consume lot of energy and thus add up to the electricity costs. Air conditioners also need additional investments like installing other supporting devices, covering up the room, etc. Desert coolers therefore is a preferred choice especially in dry climate regions with unforgiving summers. There are plenty of options available in the market as different companies come up with better solutions and advanced features for sustained and effective results. You can easily navigate company website of Ram Coolers for Best Desert Coolers.


How do desert coolers work?

 Desert coolers are designed to cool large rooms and are larger than usual personal coolers as they have huge fans and large water tanks. These coolers work on evaporative technology and need open space in its background. They take up the unsaturated hot air from the outside and condition it before releasing it into the room. There are cooling pads present on three sides of cooler that are continuously hydrated with water. The water pump provided in the air cooler keeps these cooling pads drenched in water. The evaporating the water from the cooling pads air absorb the heat of passing dry hot air and makes it cooler. Thus, the desert cooler releases moist and cool air. They can drop the room’s temperature faster. The suitable environment for desert coolers is dry and hot climate with very little humidity, similar to the desert areas. Therefore, these coolers are named desert coolers. Mostly, central and western India has such hot and dry climates and these desert coolers are pretty popular there.


Advantages of Desert Coolers

 There are several benefits of using desert coolers that have been discussed here.

  •  Inexpensive

Desert coolers are pretty budget-friendly and they offer effective cooling by consuming very less power than air conditioners. Thus, there is significant saving at the time of installation as well as in future running cost as they do not add too much to the electricity bill. They cool a large area and can be installed in commercial places and are worth the investment.

  • Eco-friendly

They do not harm the environment and do not release toxic gases and chemicals like air conditioners. Therefore, they suit the environment and operate without chemical coolants. Also, they save energy which is a significant advantage.

  • Health factor

Desert coolers do not recycle the stale air again and again. As they work on the evaporation mechanism, they take up the outside fresh air and release cool and moist air. Humidification of dry hair is a healthier option as it keeps the body cool. Also, the discharged air has moisture, unlike the case of air conditioners which is quite dry and irritates the skin. So, desert coolers are better alternatives.

  • Easy Installation

Desert coolers can be easily installed. There is no need for special assistance or expert help for installation purposes. Also, they have a robust build and are pretty durable. They are also portable and can be shifted after summer season, unlike air conditioners that require a specific fixed set-up.

  • Easy Maintenance

These coolers are also easy to maintain and do not involve additional scheduled maintenance costs like air conditioners. Even the cooling pads or water tanks can be replaced easily if required. Therefore, desert coolers offer long-term benefits and are cost-effective as well. A little effort can ensure uninterrupted functioning and prolonged usage.


Why is Nagpur famous for Desert Coolers?

Nagpur experiences heat waves as early as February, and the city is one of the hottest cities in Maharashtra. The temperature soars to 45 degrees and above, and the city faces longer period of these extreme temperatures till June. Also, the weather is parched in Nagpur and in overall Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. Therefore, Desert Coolers of Ram Coolers in Nagpur are pretty popular as people resort to these coolers to escape the wrath of the scathing summers. Ram coolers offers numerous size options for desert coolers at very good price.


Where to buy Nagpur Desert Coolers Online?

We at Ram Coolers offer Desert Air Cooler Online with different sizes and features and for a diverse price range. You can easily Buy Desert Cooler Online from Ram Coolers on our company website and can get the free home delivery of unit across India. However, before buying a desert cooler, do consider a few things:


  • Water tank capacity: Selecting desert coolers with large water tanks will be beneficial as they can run longer and are more efficient. However, it is also essential to consider the area to be cooled before deciding the tank size. For example, larger rooms require large coolers. Also, they need a large open backspace for better functioning.


  • Airflow: CFM or Cubic Feet per Minute is used to measure the airflow for a cooler. You can calculate the CFM for your room and decide size of cooler accordingly. Also, another factor that affects the airflow is whether the cooler uses a blade fan or exhaust fan. For large volume and low pressure, exhaust fan-based coolers are preferred. It would be best to consider buying a desert cooler with multiple speed settings.


  • Cooling Pads: The cooling pads directly impact the cooling system as they remain soaked in water, and this water absorbs the heat from the hot air and makes it cool and saturated. Thus, there will be better cooling if there are thicker cooling pads. The materials used in the cooling pads also affect the process. There are fiber-based aspen pads, which they are economical but they require maintenance and do not last much longer. Cellulose pads on the other hand are more efficient and have a greater life span.


  • Inverter compatibility: Recently, manufacturers have come up with an added feature and have introduced coolers capable of working on inverters. These coolers also consume less power.


  • Design and Convenience: Traditional coolers were quite bulky and had monotonous designs. But now, there are abundantly available options available both online and offline. So, based on relevance and utility, you can explore different options and make a well-judged decision.



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