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How to Effectively Use an Evaporative Air Cooler in a Humid Environment?

If you live in Nagpur, Maharashtra, you must be very well aware of the pangs of heat. The summer season is very hot and always becomes unbearable. For maintaining the coolness inside the house or even in the office, you can choose one of the most economical, environmentally safe and reliable cooling solutions i.e., evaporative air coolers.


Evaporative Air Coolers and Humidity

Evaporative air coolers filter hot and dry air through water which lowers its temperature. In the process, water evaporates and is absorbed, which lowers the temperature of air and results in cooling. The cool air produced by evaporative air coolers is humid air. While the cooler is on, a small amount of air from outside is circulated inside to ensure cross-ventilation, thus making these systems work in the best way.

There are several types of evaporative air coolers available in the market which one can choose to cool their houses and the offices. The air coolers for centralised air cooling are linked with vents and ducting which allow air to flow throughout your property and thus offer cooling of the entire home. If you are planning to Buy Air Coolers Online, then you can contact Ram Coolers. They are expert and skilled and have immense knowledge in installing, repairing and maintaining air coolers at an affordable rate.


How to Get an Air Cooler to Work?

Evaporative air coolers use water as coolant and the cool air is released. Water is plumbed in the air cooler system on the cooling pads. The heat energy is transferred from air to the water, which evaporates to lower the temperature of air passing through the pads. More water will be consumed when the days are dry and hot. While you are using the cooler, you have to be very careful and always monitor the level of water in air cooler. It is to ensure that the cooler is operating properly and cool air is passed.

You will find most of the evaporative air coolers are placed on the roof. It is because the fresh air is drawn from the outside into the air cooler. Through the cooling pads, the air is forced in and the cooling pads are always kept wet, using the water pump and reservoir present in the system. The air coming out from an air cooler is cool and moist. If you have a centralized cooling system, then this cool air will pass in all the rooms through the duct vents.


Use the Right Size of Air Cooler

To Buy Evaporative Air Coolers you must know the right size of air cooler. Make sure to buy a bigger sized evaporative air cooler, if you have a big property. Only a big cooler can offer optimal comfort level for a big size property. Big cooler means; big body size, big fan size and thus a lot of cool air. A good evaporative air cooler is one that must be able to push through sufficient air, thus making your house and office cooler in the summer days. To ensure that you get all the benefits of the evaporative process, the fan speed should be adjustable and the airflow should be in relation to the temperature.

For choosing the right size of an evaporative cooler, you must determine how many cubic feet of air per minute the unit can pump. The formula to calculate the cubic feet of air per minute is:

Multiply the square footage of your home by the average height of the ceiling (in feet). Divide by two (air changes per minute).

Example: 1,500 sq. ft. x 10 ft. (ceiling height)/2 = 7,500 CFM

Ensure There Is Adequate Ventilation in a Humid Environment

To cool your house effectively, ensure that there is adequate ventilation. The air should flow in and out of the house so that evaporative coolers would work effectively. For steady airflow, windows should be kept open. It ensures that the system works efficiently and maintains a suitable balance. The air should be passed through the entire property. You should make a note that air should not be accumulated in the rooms. This will not only decrease the effectiveness of the cooler but the moisture in the air will also cause dampness to form on door frames, doors, windows, furniture, ceilings and walls. The wooden items will swell up and could also enable mould growth.

Maintain Your Air Cooler Properly

To maintain your air cooler properly, follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Thoroughly clean pad frames and removes old pads. To scrape away the scale, use a wire brush. All the surfaces should be painted with a cooler protectant paint.
  • Flush and drain the reservoir.
  • The water distribution system should be cleaned which includes water distribution tubes, pump impeller and the pump screen. Any cracked tube should be replaced and the pump impeller should be lubricated.
  • Inspect electrical switches and wiring for worn insulation or poor connections. Also, inspect the fan motor and fan blade for condition. Repair or replace worn parts.
  • Make sure to check the water supply so that the entire cooler pad is getting wet. If the water flow is little, it will cause dry spots that will in turn reduce the efficiency of the cooler.
  • The water level in the reservoir should be checked. The float valve should be adjusted to ensure a sufficient level of water so that the submersible water pump is constantly submerged in water while the cooler is working.
  • Reinstall the frames and replace the cooler pads.

Note: When you are not using the cooler, disconnect the electricity unit and shut off the water supply. Water should be completely drained out, cover the unit and close the duct dampers.


Use Dehumidifier

Using a dehumidifier is optional. But, it should be used in a humid area for the cooler to work effectively. A dehumidifier can be very helpful in those areas where there is a lot of humidity in the room. Windows should be kept open. By using the dehumidifier, the water in the atmosphere will be reduced by the machine which makes it suitable for the air cooler. This helps the air cooler to achieve the evaporative cooling process.


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