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Central Air-Cooling Solution for Industrial & Commercial Premises

The need for industrial cooling and Industrial air coolers is increasing by the day. It has been observed that enterprises of all sectors use evaporative cooling systems that aid their internal environment in various ways.

Multiple industrial coolers are commonly installed in places that are quite large. However, installing and operating multiple air cooler units will be cumbersome and difficult as they will create lot of noise also. It is also very difficult to face the air pressure and direct air throw of industrial coolers. So, central air-cooling system is the commonly used alternative generally planned for large area cooling. Central air-cooling system helps in achieving uniform air cooling through silent air distribution and consume energy very efficiently.

If you are looking to explore the benefits, which evaporative air cooling can offer to your organization, we are here to provide you broad information about the industrial cooling systems and how can they improve efficiency of your manufacturing facilities.


Industrial Air Cooler Types:

Depending to the specific cooling requirement of large cooling area, whether the place requires cooling of specific working area or the uniform cooling of entire premises, following two types are available:

1) Portable Evaporative Coolers

One kind of industrial evaporative air cooler is a portable air cooler. They work by circulating cool humid air in a large space and are mainly useful in business settings such as warehouses and garages. They may be also helpful in other outdoor spaces such as patios. Typical sizes range from 3,000 m3/hr to 18,000 m3/hr.

2) Installed Evaporative Coolers

These are often used in large commercial or industrial environments and work by displacing warm inside air with the fresh cooled outside air. Window or wall-mounted air coolers, side discharge coolers, top and down discharge coolers are examples of industrial air coolers. Their cold air supply may often reach 30,000 m3/hr per unit.


Benefits of Central Air-Cooling Solution for Industrial & Commercial Premises

Evaporative cooling has already established itself as one of the most effective alternatives to traditional air conditioning systems. If you’re wondering how, it can benefit your manufacturing operation, consider the following suggestions:

Energy conservation:

Substantial energy savings will be the first apparent advantage of an industrial air cooler. Compared to air-conditioning system, the running expenses of evaporative air coolers are pretty cheap. A well-designed evaporative cooling system tailored to your unique needs may help you save up to 80% on power expenditures compared to mechanical air conditioning. How awesome is that?


Clean air:

An evaporative cooling system would fill your manufacturing facility with fresh air, leading to better internal air quality and reducing the possibility of air pollution. As a result, your staff will be fit and healthy, which will benefit your productivity.


Doors and Windows Can Remain Open:

Industrial evaporative coolers need steady airflow to operate and the system functions even better, when you open your doors and windows. This ensures excellent internal fresh air, and as a result this assists your company in reducing any contamination concerns.


Cost Savings:

Industrial coolers need minimum capital investment costs. These units are much less expensive than regular air conditioning. It implies that purchasing these equipment’s will undoubtedly lower your expenditures and any associated maintenance or repair costs.


Environmentally Conscious:

The last but most important benefit of adopting this system is that it is very eco-friendly and encourages sustainability. It uses less power, offers fresh air, lowers contamination, and assures that personnel do not suffer from bad health due to air pollution of your manufacturing process.  


Optimal Humidity in The Air:

During the peak of summers, the environmental humidity levels fall significantly. The evaporative cooling generally maintains a relative humidity level between 50 to 70%. This humidity level provides critical comfort for the throat, nose, and eyes and helps reduce skin allergies.


Air Cooling for Commercial Spaces

Working environment in any office or the business unit significantly impacts staff productivity and efficiency. A hot environment can make workers tired and uncomfortable, reducing their operating hours. Constant exposure to excessive heat levels can potentially lead to significant health problems. Effective cooling options such as a Jumbo air cooler movable duct coolers or tower air cooler can assist in maintaining a continual flow of natural cool air in the workplace. Offices can efficiently manage the air temperature and quality using a simple evaporative cooling system.


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