Air cooler for your home

How do you know what’s the right air cooler for your home?

As the long and hot summer approaches in India, people resort to cooling appliances to keep themselves, their homes, and businesses cool. Nothing beats relaxing in an air-conditioned room on a hot summer day, but this refreshing luxury comes [...]

Best Tower Coolers

How to Find the Best Tower Coolers in Nagpur?

Your home or company wishes to get the most out of its commercial Air-cooling system. You may want to consider investing in a Metal body Air cooler works on the natural evaporative cooling process. Honeycomb or woodwool pads are [...]

Slim Air Cooler Versus Portable Air Conditioner

Slim Air Cooler Versus Portable Air Conditioner

With the advancement of technology, electric appliances have become sophisticated and efficient. Also, the aim is to improve designs to make them smart, convenient and comfortable to use. So, companies are coming up with better solutions to make the [...]

Evaporative Air Coolers

Significance of Evaporative Air Coolers

Summers have become so terribly hot in India, and cooling devices have become a necessity. It is almost impossible to survive these heatwaves without an efficient cooling system. If you want to invest in a cooling device, air coolers [...]

Cooling device

Types of Portable Air-Cooling appliances in 2022

Summers are very tough to endure without cooling devices. For the last few years, the temperature has been increasing alarmingly. So, cooling devices have become a necessity for Indian summers. But, with many options available, you must be wondering [...]

air cooler

Easy Tips to Make Your Air Cooler Perform Better in Summer

Summers in India can be sweltering, especially in some parts. Temperatures in some parts of the country could reach 45 degrees Celsius. The rising temperature makes it difficult to stay calm and relaxed during the summer. Even though air [...]

cooling devices

Tips to consider when purchasing an Air Cooler

Summers are increasing becoming unbearable with the rising global temperatures. Added to this is rising electricity costs, that has doubled the tension. Use of an air conditioner that consumes so much power, becomes a costly choice. This calls for [...]

Outdoor or Indoor air coolers

Outdoor or Indoor Air Coolers, Which One Is More Effective?

Summers are getting increasingly hot every year. An evaporative cooler is an ideal choice for cooling both indoor and outdoor areas. Even for the cooling an indoor space, there is a choice possible between indoor or outdoor cooler. The [...]



Working environment in any office or the business unit significantly impacts staff productivity and efficiency. A hot environment can make workers tired and uncomfortable, reducing their operating hours. Constant exposure to excessive heat levels can potentially lead to significant [...]

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