Ways to Make Your Air Cooler More Efficient This Summer

Air coolers are one of the most common cooling appliances that we have in the market. When the temperatures are soaring in the summer season, air coolers help in keeping our house cool. They are used very prominently because [...]

Buying Air Cooler for Home

Features To Look For When Buying a Cooler for Home

As the summer season starts setting in, it brings a lot of heat and sometimes humidity. To keep the house and offices cool, people start bringing in cooling appliances like air conditioners and air coolers into their homes and [...]

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Why an Air Cooler Is a Smart Buy This Summer?

As the summer season sets in, the dry heat takes a toll on your mind, body and soul, thus making it impossible to survive. One of the best alternatives to beat the heat is a good cooling system as [...]

Personal Air Cooler and Desert Air Cooler

Which is the better option? Personal or Desert Coolers

With the advent of the summer season, arrives the time of gruelling, scorching, and dry heat precipitating from the fury of the sun blazing in all cylinders. In this time, not only Air Cooler becomes our true friend to [...]

Evaporative Air Coolers

How Evaporative Air Coolers are better than Air Conditioners

Evaporative Air Coolers delivers fresh cool air most inherently, keeping your environment friendly and your lungs happy. They are empowered to bring in the refreshing cool air while displacing the stale and hot air from the openings to the [...]

Duct Air Coolers

Duct Air Coolers: Here’s everything you need To Know

What are Duct Air Coolers? Ducts are similar to conduits which are channels or passages through which air is either delivered or removed. Duct Air Coolers ensure the supply of fresh cool air which is conditioned through the evaporative [...]

How Air Coolers Can Improve Productivity

How Air Coolers Can Improve Productivity at Work

As a basic human instinct, we always nurture and protect our belongings, our assets which are in our ownership and we are not only possessive but also extremely protective about them. The employees, workers, and staff in any organization, [...]

Simple tips to cool a room

5 Simple tips to cool a room and maintain it!

The common topic of discussion nowadays and which has become spontaneous and everyday small talk for most of us is being unable to think of life without an AC in summers. But come to think of it, our country [...]

Tower Air Cooler

Tower Air Cooler – What You Should Know?

Tower Air Cooler – General Benefits Tower Air Cooler is one of the best options in cooling a room and is the latest being the trendsetter in the Air Cooler platform. There are distinct benefits associated with this category [...]

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