Buying Air Cooler for Home

Features To Look For When Buying a Cooler for Home

As the summer season starts setting in, it brings a lot of heat and sometimes humidity. To keep the house and offices cool, people start bringing in cooling appliances like air conditioners and air coolers into their homes and living spaces. Sitting in a room, which is equipped with a cooling appliance brings respite. If you are looking to cool down your house, then one of the most cost-effective ways is to buy an air cooler. Additionally, they have many benefits like being environmentally friendly, provide healthy and fresh air, and are energy efficient. 

But, there are many important things that you need to know before buying an air cooler. Purchasing one seems to be quite a simple task but when we actually go to buy it, there is a lot of confusion. Every cooler has different functionalities, features and are of various types. A lot of air coolers have come up in the market. Choosing the one that fits your requirements is necessary. Before we see the noteworthy features of an air cooler, that will help you to Buy Air Coolers Online; let’s take a quick look at how air coolers work. 

Best room coolers work on the principle called evaporative cooling. Here, the air gets cooled, when water evaporates. Fresh air in our surroundings passes through the cooling pads (evaporating media), which are made wet on a continuous basis with the help of a water pump. The moist pads take out the heat from warm air, thus water starts evaporating leaving behind moistened, fresh and cool air. This air is thrown through the cooling fan into the room. 

One of the best things about a Room air cooler is that you can keep doors and windows open, while your air cooler is on. You can keep them partially open to ensure that you will always get fresh air constantly. 


Important features of air coolers

Now, since you know how the Room coolers function, the next step is to know about the various types of features. This will help you to decide which one suits your requirements and is best for you. Many people keep complaining about the constant need of refilling the tank, poor air delivery, lack of adequate cooling, etc. So, to help you make the right decision, let’s take a look at some important air coolers’ features. 

1. Size: Every cooler is meant to cool a specific area, so when you decide to buy a cooler, it is important that you should choose the one depending on the size of the room where the cooler is going to be installed. A big cooler in a small-sized room will create a lot of humidity and a small-sized cooler in a big size room will not be adequate. For selecting the right sized air cooler for your room, there is a standard and simple formula. You will need to know the airflow required for the available room size. Cubic feet per minute or CFM is used for measuring the airflow. CFM refers to the volume of air that the fan can blow per minute. If the CFM is more, the area covered by the cooler would be large.

2. Water Tank Capacity: Water tank capacity should be chosen depending upon the size of your room. Every cooler has a different water tank capacity, and the logic is that a big water tank will provide cooling for long hours and a small tank will provide cooling for only a few hours. While choosing the cooler and taking a look at the water tank capacity, another very significant aspect that you should see is the auto-fill function. This is because, if the water gets finished in the tank in the middle of the night, you definitely would not like to get up and refill the cooler tank. An air cooler would be ideal that would not require refilling it in the middle of the night. Coolers with small water tank capacities that also have an auto-fill tank feature are very useful. It replenishes the water on a continuous basis. Additionally, one more important thing that should be considered is the water pump. Look that the water pump should be compatible in hard water conditions for its longevity

3. Air Delivery: An air coolers’ fan and its blade profile are very important components. What will be the point, if your cooler has everything required, but cannot throw good air? An air cooler is supposed to cool the entire room that is why air delivery becomes important. Air delivery at long distances is achieved by the fan blades’ profile. This can only happen if the cooler has high angled fan blades for delivering cool air at longer distances that convert to a large area being cooled. Now, many coolers have come in the markets that ensure delivering air to longer distances without making much noise.

4. Cooling Media: To keep your rooms cold for a longer period of time, cooling media or cooling pads are very important. It’s been quite some years that cooler manufacturing companies have used aspen pads or wool wood. But, with the product designing innovation and advancement in technology, honeycomb cooling pads have gained a lot of popularity. The main reason is they have the ability to absorb and hold more water which leads to long-lasting cooling. Thus, they are very efficient. When coupled with water, the water gets distributed evenly, making cooling better.

5. Mobility: Rather than window coolers or desert air coolers, the room air coolers and tower air coolers are better in mobility. There is hardly any installation required in these coolers. All you have to do is just fill the water tank, and plug in the power cord. They are highly mobile and you can shift them from one room to the other easily.


Apart from the features mentioned above, there are some more features like: 

1. Dust filter

2. Inverter compatibility

3. Auto-Air Swing

4. Convenience of control

5. Design

All these features have made air-coolers more famous than air conditioners. They give cool and fresh air and are also very cost-effective; you get to choose from the wide varieties of options and features. If you are looking to buy air coolers for home then you must check out Ram Coolers. They not only provide coolers but also give maintenance and installation services.


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