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Best industrial ducting and desert portable air cooler suppliers in India

When it comes to business or residential buildings, air conditioning is often one of the most important requirements. Whether you are designing your new dream home or remodeling your existing home, you must choose between a ducted and a ductless cooling system for your premises. Wide choice of Industrial and desert portable air coolers Suppliers are available in various sizes and designs from different manufacturers to achieve cooling.

In this article, we will discuss the fundamentals of these two systems, their benefits and drawbacks, so that you are able to make a better-informed choice on which system is ideal for your home or workplace.


Industrial Ducting Cooler

The demand for industrial ducting coolers is increasing dramatically. One of the causes is the constant increase in environmental temperatures due to global warming. Advantage with industrial duct cooling systems is the intake of 100 percent fresh outside air to ensure cooling of large indoor areas at the vey minimal running costs. Having such cooling facilities in your manufacturing plants or other outdoor places is a great advantage as it offers uniform cooling throughout the area thus helping in pleasant working conditions and increased productivity.


The advantages of industrial ducting coolers are as follows:

High cooling capacity:

Industrial duct air coolers provide consistent and uniform cooling for large areas such as offices (business spaces) and large homes.


The capacity of the water tank:

A steady water supply is a standard feature of Industrial coolers. These coolers come with a water capacity ranging from 40 litres, to as high as 700 litres of water. Due to permanent water supply connection attached to the industrial coolers, the tank capacity for these coolers does not hold a great sense.


Installation and maintenance:

Installation of industrial coolers in centralized cooling is quite technical and requires expertise of proper suppliers to install the system. The package coolers however are comparatively easier to install. Maintenance of industrial as well as package air coolers is very easy and economical to handle.

There are smaller duct air coolers also available in the market, which can be installed very easily to the window from outside. These coolers are mobile and can be relocated to different window / place depending on the need.



Desert Portable Air Cooler

Desert portable air coolers draw in outside air, condition it using the basic concept of evaporation, and then release this conditioned air in the cooling area. Desert air coolers include pads on three sides of the cooler that are continually soaked with water thanks to a pump in the air cooler. The surrounding air is drawn in through these water-soaked cooling pads, which leads to evaporation of water due to high velocity of passing air resulting in decrease of temperature and increase in residual moisture content. The conditioned cool air is then expelled from the air cooler in the cooling area thus bringing down the temperature of target cooling area. For the proper functioning of desert portable air coolers, the cross-ventilation of the area is necessary so that there is continuous exchange of inside stale air with the outside fresh air from environment.


The following are some of the advantages of using a Desert portable air cooler:

Excellent indoor air quality

A well-ventilated work environment, that provides enough fresh outdoor air, is often considered healthy and will result in increased production with minimal absenteeism. Desert portable air coolers ensure 100% fresh, filtered outdoor air to achieve the cooling of a structure or room. It significantly improves indoor air quality, particularly compared to mechanical cooling, which keeps recirculating heated, dirty indoor air.


Optimal humidity in the air

They are very useful in peak summers especially when the environment humidity levels fall below 40%. Desert coolers maintains a relative humidity level of 50 to 70%. This humidity level provides critical comfort for throat, nose, and eyes and also supports viral prevention.



The desert portable air coolers do not require any installation and they can simply be placed in the area that requires cooling. Furthermore, they cost lesser compared to industrial coolers and are economical to operate and maintain.


Environmentally conscious

evaporative cooling is the most environment friendly method of air cooling. Here, water is used as a refrigerant and the system has a low carbon footprint because desert coolers require very little power. Therefore, desert portable air coolers are the finest air-cooling option. when it comes to the environment.


Best industrial ducting cooler, desert portable air cooler suppliers in India:

If you are searching for a high-performance, elegant, and economical air cooler in India, Ram coolers offers the best selection of both industrial as well as desert portable air coolers. All our products are manufactured using high-quality raw materials and components and our unique designing ensures that they have a superior cooling performance. In addition, we test our products for several parameters including airspeed, alignment, and durability to assure that the is defect-free and has a trouble-free long life. We offer industrial as well as desert portable air coolers in various tank capacities, and these coolers are very easy and economical to maintain.


About Ram Coolers:

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