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Your guide to picking the best Air Cooler Online this summer!

Are you worried about the scorching heat this summer and confused about choosing the best air cooler that fits your requirement? The market gets flooded with new brands and different varieties/models of air coolers every year, and your choice between a new air cooler purchase verses getting your old one repaired gets tougher each year. And if you do not research well, you will end up buying something that doesn’t suit your requirement. So, while choosing the best air cooler online for your home, you must consider certain factors like the building dynamics, overall cooling requirement, size of the air cooler, its features, and finally the cost.

Basic Functionality

An air cooler functions on evaporative cooling technique where the cooling outcome is no less effective than the latest air-conditioners. An air cooler absorbs the surrounding air and drives it through the wet cooling pads. The water in these cooling pads evaporates snd reduces the temperature of the air, which is then blown out by the fan. Now, with the advancement in technologies we also have rotor and fan based portable room coolers that are smaller in size, less noisy and energy saving. You can purchase them from electronic / electrical store or electrical appliances outlet or online.

Let’s look at the options available to beat the heat!

Types of Air Cooler on the basis of design 

  1. Duct Air Coolers
  2. Desert Coolers
  3. Room Coolers
  4. Tower Coolers
  5. Jumbo Coolers


Duct Air Coolers – If you are looking for uniform cooling of your room/living area or centralized air cooling for your entire home, then a duct air cooler is one of the best options to consider. The smaller duct coolers come on wheels and are movable, and they can be fixed to the window from of your room or living area or can be easily placed in attached balcony. Duct cooler for centralised cooling of entire home comes with its own installation challenges and expenses. Centralised air cooling cools the entire house uniformly through a network of pipes. Though it takes more space, it is more energy efficient and produces lesser noise when compared to other air coolers and room air conditioners. Considering the initial set up cost and subsequent running cost, centralized cooling is very commonly used for large area cooling, especially in case of the entire home and larger spaces like factories.


Desert Coolers – Desert coolers are generally preferred in areas with dry climatic conditions and are used for cooling large rooms. These coolers stock large amounts of water and have huge fans that blow the cool air at high speed causing the room temperature in large rooms drop quickly. Metal desert coolers are used for decades in India because of their proven effective cooling in dry climate. They are generally installed to the window from outside or are generally kept in attached balcony to throw the cool air in the room /living area.


Room Coolers – They are one of the best air coolers available for placement inside the room/living area. They are smaller size and are portable as they come with caster wheels. Room coolers are particularly preferred if the placement of a cooler in a window or attached balcony area is not possible. They need to placed near open window or open door so that they can pull outside dry air from its back, cool it through process of water evaporation and can blow it from the front fan.


Tower Coolers – Tower coolers are one of the latest designs that are tall, slender, less power consuming and light when compared to other coolers. Due to their tall design and compact design, they consume lesser floor space in your house but still they have comparatively bigger size cooling pads. They throw the air at a height and circulate it around rapidly giving a cooling effect. Due to their height, the cool breeze is felt above waist level even when you are standing.   


Jumbo Coolers – These sets of coolers function on the same principle as normal coolers and just as the name suggests, these coolers come in a bigger size with bigger fan, larger water tank and cooling pads. They are used to cool larger spaces, mostly open areas, such as gas stations, terraces, function halls, open restaurants and lawns. They are low maintenance air coolers as the cooling pads last for a year or two based on the cooling pad material.


Additional key features to consider apart from the price of an air cooler are: Fan size, power consumption, cooling pad material and the water tank capacity.


The coolers with bigger fan size will be bigger in size and will have larger cooling capacity. The square feet cooling capacity of cooler is defined based on the size and air throw of fan. So one needs to choose an appropriate air cooler depending on the area that needs cooling. It is worth noting that the bigger fan size doesn’t necessarily means more power consumption. So evaluating the cooler for its power consumption is an important parameter in selection of a right air cooler model.


Cooling pads have a significant impact on the cooling capacity of an air cooler. These pads absorb water and allow air to flow through them to cool the surrounding. Denser the cooling pad, the better the cooling effect. Cooling pads come in aspen or cellulose material holding their own set of pros and cons. Aspen pads are made of wood residue and synthetic fiber. They are comparatively less expensive, and have a shorter life cycle which makes them a material of frequent maintenance. On the other hand, cellulose cooling pads aka honeycomb pads are thicker than aspen pads. Though it is expensive when compared to aspen pads, they have a larger life and require less maintenance.


Since air coolers function on evaporative cooling methods, the size of the bottom water tank has a huge significance. Air Coolers with large water tanks and storage capacity runs for a longer period of time and vice versa. You need to select an air cooler with a size that fits your requirement. A larger room would require an air cooler with a larger tank. Both desert and jumbo air coolers come with a wide range of water storage capacity while there are smaller coolers with smaller water tank capacity as well built just for a single room. So, you can always find the best that suits the size of your room or that matches your needs.


Finally, it depends on what kind of air cooler you want to choose bearing in mind your requirements. Always pick an air cooler that is resourceful, energy saving, easy to manage and cost-effective. If price is something that you can compromise on and your priority is to pick the best air coolers that helps maintain the temperature of your entire house, then a duct air cooler or a desert cooler is the best solution. However, if you are looking for something inexpensive and for smaller space, then a room cooler or a tower cooler is your perfect choice! 


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