best air cooler for a large room

Which is the best air cooler for a large room?

Air coolers are one of the most fantastic cooling alternatives for hot and dry environments. They are popular because they are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Several alternatives for air coolers are available on the market, and they come with many additional characteristics to consider.You may find choosing the best air cooler for a large room little confusing and difficult. This post will cover all the crucial aspects, which should be considered when purchasing the best air cooler in India and will give a clarity about the most acceptable product for your house.


Evaporative air coolers are classified into three types:

Portable Air Cooler

The significant benefit of portable air coolers is their mobility; as they have wheels and can be positioned around your house or office to chill any area as needed strategically. Room coolers, tower coolers, duct coolers and slim coolers are the types, which are portable.


Window Air cooler

If your cooling issues are limited to a single room or area, a window air cooler is an excellent energy-saving alternative to window air conditioner. These window-mounted air coolers are often designed for the easy placement in the window from outside and they contain all essential installation gear. They are simple to install in vertical as well as horizontal windows. Desert coolers and duct coolers are the two types used as window air coolers.


Industrial Air Cooler

Industrial air coolers are cost-effective and energy-efficient ways to cool a large area such as warehouse or workshop. Large coolers use evaporation and circulation of cool air to a wider region. They pull the dry outside air through wet cooling pads, which accelerates water evaporation to brings down the temperature of air, and this cool air is uniformly distributed around your room.


How to Select the Best Air Cooler:

Evaporative coolers are becoming more popular as an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional air conditioning. Before selecting the ideal one satisfying to your requirement, you should consciously evaluate following few points:


Cooling Pad Thickness and Quantity

Cooling pads have a direct influence on an air cooler’s cooling. When air passes through these pads, the evaporation happens resulting in the chilling of air.Therefore, thicker the cooling pads are, more effective the cooling is. Cooling pads are often made up of aspen or cellulose. Each has perks and cons.

Wood shavings and synthetic fiber are used to make aspen pads. They are less expensive, need more care, and have a shorter lifespan.

Cellulose cooling pads, sometimes also known as honeycomb pads due to their appearance, are thicker than aspen pads, have a longer life, and need less care. They are a bit more expensive, but are considered to be more efficient especially in the high humidity regions.

You should also verify the number of cooling pads for each cooler. Some air coolers feature a single cooling pad, while others have three or sometimes four cooling pads. The cooling performance of an air cooler improves when additional cooling pads are added.


Energy Usage

Evaporative coolers vary in energy efficiency. Refer and compare the air throw vis a vis power consumption of air cooler to understand the energy efficiency of the device. Ask your dealer which evaporative air cooler is the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.


Air Mode and Variable Speeds

Control of speed is highly desirable feature for portable coolers. Variable-speed control or three speed control is used to regulate fan speed in air cooler. Refer the catalogue specifications to check the speed control option available with the model you are planning to buy.


The Capacity of the Water Tank

Air coolers work on the principle of evaporative cooling. Water absorbs heat from the dry hot air and gets converted into water vapors, which lowers the temperature of the air, this cool air is then blasted by the fan or blower in the desired cooling area. It is therefore critical to have air coolers with huge water tanks for cooling a large room. The longer the air cooler runs, the larger the water requirement is. Therefore, you should always choose an air cooler with a water tank that is large enough for your daily needs. Both home and business portable air coolers come with various water tank capacities to choose from.


Garden Hose Adapter

It is also known as an automated water level controller or floatball. Some models have a hose connection as standard feature.

This connection enables a regular garden hose to be linked to the device for a continuous water supply to the unit while it is in operation. It saves you time and energy by not having to pour water into the reservoir manually.


Types of Fans

Evaporative air coolers may be fitted with centrifugal or an axial/exhaust fan. The centrifugal fan is drum-shaped and often quieter than the axial fan, but it uses more energy for cooling and costs more. On the other hand, the axial fan is less expensive and consumes less power, but it isn’t quiet.


Indicator of Water Level

The feature enables you to keep track of the water level in tank and therefore helps you to decide when to add water. A water level indicator is unnecessary if the air cooler has a garden hose hookup.



Examine the castors available with the air cooler. Some air coolers employ cheap plastic castors that generally break when used for an extended period. One must choose an air cooler with good quality wheels particularly if the air coolers needs to be moved around regularly.


Auto Air Swing Function

Look for an air cooler fan with auto air swing function, as this feature ensures a better air spread of cool air across the cooling area. So, you can get uniform distribution of cool air throughout without changing the direction of louvers.


Bottom Line:

The days of enormous air coolers with humdrum designs are long gone. Modern air coolers come in various shapes, sizes and attractive designs, so you may choose the best quality air coolers that matches your decor. You may experience not only the chilling comfort but also the pride of ownership with the new-age, fashionable air coolers.

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