Benefits of Evaporative Air Coolers

Benefits of Owning an Evaporative Air Coolers

The benefit of having air-cooled homes and offices is universally known and evident. Humans are adversely affected by high temperatures in several ways. In general, it produces discomfort and can prevent someone from getting a good night’s sleep or relaxation.

When other issues such as heat stress and related illnesses are considered, discomfort is a minor issue. High-temperature circumstances can be fatal in extreme cases.

Fans, air coolers and air conditioners are the three most common ways to cool the air in buildings today.

Each of these options have its own set of benefits and drawbacks, but the air cooler is frequently regarded as the greatest air cooling option among the three for several reasons.

Are you thinking of buying an air cooler but are unsure how beneficial it would be to you? Then you should consider the pros and cons of buying an air cooler.


How Air Coolers Affect the Air?

The effectiveness of air coolers is entirely dependent on the weather. Water is converted to vapours in air coolers and these water vapours get mixed to the air making it humid. In a high-humidity environment, there is already a lot of water in the air and there is no place for further humidity to enter the air, making the air cooler ineffective. In short, air coolers don’t operate well in humid environments. Therefore they are practically ineffective in high humidity locations such as coastal areas.

Sweating is a simple example of evaporative cooling in humans. As sweat evaporates, it drains the excess heat from the skin, resulting in a cooling effect.


Health Benefits of Using Air Coolers

Prior to the rise in popularity of air coolers, cooling was linked to several health problems. In order to achieve cooling, fans circulate air at a high speed.

This means that dust and other particles are lifted and circulated in the air that can harm the health of people breathing the air.

Air conditioners have also been associated with a multiple health problem. Asthmatic patients who spend time in front of air conditioners are at risk of attacks because cold, dry air triggers many of them.

Other health problems associated with air conditioners include skin irritation, eye problems, pneumonia, and other complications caused by moulds that grow on the air conditioner’s vents.

Air coolers, on the other hand, provide some health benefits rather than health risks. For example, the air they generate is fresher and has moisture.

During the cooling process, their cooling pads act as filters, removing some contaminants from the air. Their cooling capacity is also not as high as that of air conditioners, which can reach critically low temperatures.


Why are Air Coolers So Popular?

Everyone can benefit from a cooler, especially those who live in hot, dry climates. Depending on the needs, a desert cooler, a tower cooler, or even a personal cooler can be selected. An air cooler pulls fresh air in from the outside and cools it. In addition, unlike an air conditioner, an air cooler does not dry out the air. An air cooler provides better air quality depending on the way it works. Air coolers are eco-friendly since they use water as the refrigerant. Many air coolers are also equipped with castors, making it easier to move them from one space to another.

Furthermore, today’s coolers are technologically upgraded and aesthetically pleasing, allowing them to blend in effortlessly.


Benefits of Evaporative Air Coolers

Energy efficiency

The main benefit of evaporative air coolers is that they have lower operating costs than typical air conditioning systems. With a well-designed evaporative cooling solution that is customized to your specific needs, you might save up to 80% on the energy expenses associated with typical air conditioning cooling.



The fact that air coolers are quite inexpensive is one of their distinguishing features. Air coolers are also available in a variety of sizes and are all reasonably priced. A standard air cooler that will keep your building cool will surely work economical than an air conditioner.

Moreover, air cooler installation does not require much technical knowledge, and you will be able to handle it yourself, eliminating the need for technicians and their associated costs.

Air coolers have a minimal number of components and simple maintenance procedures. You can easily do general maintenance and do it at a low cost because the parts are relatively inexpensive and readily available.


Reduced Cost of Cooling

This may seem to be a continuation of the previous point, but its effect on your wallet is so significant that we believe it deserves its own discussion.

One of the major problems that people face throughout the summer months is not just the heat, but also the effect it has on their budget’s expense. Air conditioners, which were once the most popular means of air conditioning, take a lot of electricity.

During the summer, this usually results in significant rise in energy bills. This issue has been resolved due to the air cooler. You will notice a significant reduction in the amount of energy used for cooling after you have the coolers.


Works with Doors and Windows Open

Normally doors and windows of room must be closed for an air conditioner to cool a room properly. This is because opening them will change the room’s temperature and force air conditioners to work harder to provide sufficient cooling.

This will lead to a situation in which efficient cooling is impossible to attain, and cooling costs will continue to rise. However, with the air cooler, closing the windows and doors is pointless and they work well with the windows and doors open. Air coolers are ideal for outdoor usage.

If you buy the portable ones, you can use them in the kitchen while cooking and then take them out to the balcony when you want to relax. The fact that they are working outside has no effect on their efficiency.


Fresher Air with added Moisture

One of the drawbacks of both fans and air conditioners is that the air they produce is often dry. While it may be cold, it is rarely as pleasant as breathing fresh air.

They also have a negative impact on the skin and eyes in general. On the other hand, air coolers produce fresh air. They use hot air and water to generate their cooling effect by evaporation, which is a natural process.

Air coolers add layers of moisture to the cool air produced and thus the air becomes more humidified, making it more pleasant to the nose and the entire respiratory system.


Why choose the Ram Coolers?

Purchasing an air cooler is a wise decision. They are quite effective at cooling the air, and they are better compared to other air-cooling solutions due to several advantages mentioned above.

You can consider the cooler model from Ram Coolers for efficient cooling at a low cost. There are hardly any drawbacks to Ram Coolers if they are cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

If you have any further questions, please contact us and we would be happy to assist you.

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