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Why an Air Cooler Is a Smart Buy This Summer?

As the summer season sets in, the dry heat takes a toll on your mind, body and soul, thus making it impossible to survive. One of the best alternatives to beat the heat is a good cooling system as it allows you to stay healthy and feel nice and cool. If you are a person who is environment friendly and budget-conscious, then you must opt for an air cooler.

Air coolers are our perfect companions. There is not one but many reasons like:

  • Maintaining cool temperature,
  • Promoting ventilation, and
  • Budget-friendly

Rather than jumping onto the benefits of an air cooler, let’s first take a look at how cooler works. Air coolers work on the evaporative cooling principle. Warm natural air is pulled from the outside by the cooler which is passed through the wet cooling pads. The cooling pads are wet due to the pump, as it sprinkles water on top of it. Slowly the water trickles down and the entire cooler pads are wet. The temperature of the airdrops as the water evaporates and cool fresh air is blown out by the fan.
Air coolers come in three varieties which are:

  • Desert air coolers for large spaces
  • Room air cooler for medium size spaces and
  • Personal air coolers for specific or small spaces

Before you decide which one to choose, you can take a look at the benefits of each of these air cooler types. It will help you in making a right decision. To get rid of the sweaty heat in humid conditions, personal air coolers are a good option. In dry season, desert coolers can be bought. Ram Coolers provide you one of the Best Air Coolers.  Let’s take a look at some benefits of putting air coolers:

  1. Super Energy Efficient: Some air coolers deliver powerful cooling even without consuming much energy. The energy consumption is limited to 200 watts. Compared to the air conditioners, air coolers consume 10 times less energy. This in turn will reduce the monthly electricity bill. Air coolers even continue to work even if there is a drop in voltage. Some air coolers can be operated on inverters also. If you live in the area where there are frequent and usual power cuts, then such coolers will come to your rescue. 
  2. Prevent Air Pollution: Air cooler will help you to stay refreshed as the cross breeze passes. In the summertime, it is very important to get a fresh breeze to keep the house cool. Fresh air is drawn from the outside by the air cooler. For proper distribution of air, doors should be kept partially open. Nowadays there are many coolers which come with mosquito net. 
  3. Portable and Practical: Air coolers are one of the best practical and portable solutions. All you require is to fill the water, attach the plugin the power cord and put it on. They can be installed and uninstalled easily. For example, if you are relocating, then it will be very easy to uninstall the cooler.
  4. Adds Moisture: Air coolers add moisture in the room which makes it easy to survive in the dry heat. Since hot air is pulled from outside and then it is cooled down by the air coolers, this circulates fresh air inside the room. The air circulated in easy to breathe, moist and filtered which in turn hydrates your skin. On the contrary, air conditioners utilize the same air present in the room which is stale. 
  5. Cost-Effective Setup: Compared to air conditioners, you can Buy Air Coolers Online by investing 70%-80% less. The tentative cost of personal /room air coolers is from Rs 5500/- to Rs 10500/- and their water capacity is 30 to 50 liters. Air coolers are cost-effective as they are low maintenance. The installation set-up is also quite easy and the future maintenance of air coolers is easy to handle. 
  6. Mobility: Whenever and wherever you want, the air coolers can be moved, which is not a feature in air-conditioners. Air coolers come with castors or movable trolly that help in transporting them easily. They can be moved from one room to other without any effort. Air conditioners cannot be moved and also, a lot of damage takes place in installing and uninstalling them.


Wrap up

Air coolers have a lot of advantages. They give a lot of cool breeze, are environmental friendly, portable, practical, have no harmful emissions, less power consumption and many more. It is highly recommended to Buy Air Coolers Online India. To buy the best air coolers you must visit Ram coolers. They provide all the types of air coolers and are just one phone call away. Services given by them are excellent as they take care of Installation, un-installation, as well as maintenance as well.

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