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Which air cooler is best for an office or shop?


Summers in India have grown unbearably hot, necessitating cooling systems. It is almost challenging to withstand extreme heat waves without an adequate cooling system. Maintaining a suitable temperature is essential in any business setting. If the temperature continues to climb, productivity may suffer as individuals become more uncomfortable and unable to operate correctly. It may also put you at risk for heat-related issues such as heat stroke, rashes, and dehydration.

Employers generally invest in cooling solutions like air conditioners, air coolers, and electric fans or improve overall ventilation to address this issue. It is very important to evaluate the pros and cons associated with various options to decide which one works more cost effective.

If you want to buy cooling equipment, air coolers are excellent choices. There are other powerful machines, such as air conditioners, but coolers are the most eco-friendly and cost-effective solution. Coolers are also energy efficient, reducing the extra surge in power cost. Evaporative air coolers are pretty compelling. They do not recycle stale warm air and do not utilize hazardous synthetic refrigerants to cool. Instead, they use fresh outside air to chill it down with water and circulate it within the space. As a result, moisture is added to the dry air, making it seem fresh and cool, enhancing the air quality.

With so many possibilities on the market, one can choose an air cooler based on their needs and requirements. In this article,we will cover about the best air coolers for offices or shops.



How Do We Pick the Best Air Coolers for You?

Summer heat makes you antsy and fatigued. However, having a good cooler will help you beat the blistering heat and increasing temperatures. Given its importance, several stores offer air coolers on the market. You may acquire one of India’s most excellent air coolers for between Rs 6,500 and Rs 20,000.Some of the elements which need to be considered while selecting a right model include:



Specifications and Advantages

Air coolers, like all other appliances, are constantly developing. The new appliances on the market devote special attention to features and guarantee they are up to par. These design features make the air coolers less bulky, more elegant and attractive to match with the interiors of your house, more comfortable to operate and also improve their performance to make them a perfect choice for cooling.


Air Purification

Basic operation of an air cooler involves sucking in fresh outside air, cooling it with principle of evaporation and then distributing it in the cooling area. All the solutions on the list meet this requirement and provide clean, fresh air without drying it out.For a better experience, an air cooler should be placed such that it draws in the fresh air and provides higher air quality.


Service Excellence

Service quality is critical when purchasing an electric appliance. Post-sales support is therefore essential to consider. One should choose a product from a company that has consistently provided high-quality support throughout the years.



The Top 4 Air Coolers in India for Your Workplace

Electric appliances have gotten more complex and efficient as technology has advanced. In addition, the goal is to develop intelligent, convenient, and pleasant designs. As a result, companies are developing improved designs to make these gadgets more seamless and straightforward.One such electric appliance that has evolved dramatically in design and efficiency is the air cooler.

You may get perplexed while deciding on the finest cooling choice for your house since there are so many devices accessible, such as portable air conditioners, thin coolers, tower coolers, duct coolers, and so on.


1.SLIM AIR COOLER from Ram Coolers

Air coolers have traditionally been more handy cooling choices since they are less expensive than air conditioners and usually come with wheels for mobility. One persistent issue with air coolers is that they are pretty big and therefore take up much space. However, you can now get thin-air coolers that are quite elegant in form and may easily fit in a smaller area.


2.DUCT COOLER from Ram Coolers

Fitting an evaporative air cooler to the window has always been a challenge considering the size and height of the window. Also, the bulky coolers consume significant balcony space with the permanent fitting. Duct coolers are specially designed to overcome this challenge as the air comes out from a small opening at a good height, which makes it easy to fix it to window from outside. Furthermore, cooling pads are provided in all the four sides of the cooler making it very efficient and the castors make the appliance movable so that it is easy to move around as per the requirement, not making it permanent fix to the same place.


3.TOWER COOLER from Ram Coolers

Tower air coolers are the most recent and popular coolers among the several types of coolers available today. These coolers have taller design, which helps in better air circulation. These coolers have lesser width and depth as well and therefore consume less floor space. They can be ideal for the summer, and may easily fit into your space and budget.


4.JUMBO COOLER from Ram Coolers

Jumbo air coolers are comparatively large size coolers with very high air throw. They provide very good ventilation for large open space. They are movable coolers and depending on the need, they can be easily relocated to various areas to ensure coverage of desired area. Sound level of these coolers is comparatively higher however this noise is not very annoying considering their application in large open area.



So, which air cooler is best for office use?

The answer is above all four choices are best for office, shop, and even workshop.Estimate your budget, requirement, and space available before purchasing any of the items. And if you still have confusion and concerns, contact our experts at Ram Coolers for support.


Bottom Line

With the increasing temperatures and blistering sun rays, it is difficult to fathom living without cooling gadgets during the Indian summer. These are some of excellent air coolers on the market for fighting the heat and give you the comfort. Each of these types has distinct characteristics that make them suited for contemporary urban dwellings. Call us to know which product best fits your requirement or bucket list.Ram coolers are offering high quality air coolers for offices and shops. Browse to know more…


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