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Which Air Cooler Is Best | Blower Vs Fan Cooler

Well, if you are considering to invest in a new air cooler, You must keep the temptation for towards deals and discounts aside and must spend some time to understand the feature and their advantages before making the final decision. We all know that an air cooler:

  • from the financial aspect, is easier to invest in and is also easy on your wallet.
  • from the environmental aspect, is more eco-friendly than an air conditioner.
  • and from perspective of ease of installation, does not require mounting on the wall after drilling holes in freshly painted walls.

However, the features of the air coolers vary which makes it difficult for you to choose the right model for your requirement. Some Air coolers have blowers, while others have fan inside, and there is a significant difference between these two in terms of their performance. You should select the device after carefully examining each detail so you choose the best one for your household and avoid purchasing one that won’t serve your needs.

This article will help you comprehend the differences between a blower and a fan in an air cooler so that you are able to decide, which air cooler can work ideal for your requirement.



Primary function of an air cooler is to supply and ensure adequate air flow in the area, where it is installed. A fan or a blower in an air cooler have different operational and technical capabilities. A fan is a machine that circulates air and moves/spreads it across a big space. A blower, on the other hand, typically directs the air with force to a longer distance in a very particular direction.

Blower type smaller air coolers are typically effective and can be advantageous for small or moderate-sized rooms. Blowers can have incredibly long throw distances; the bigger ones can even push the air 65 to 70 feet away from the unit, therefore, bigger blower coolers are mainly used in the centralized ducting to easily push the air to long distance. While the fan in an air cooler is great for larger spaces since it circulate air throughout the entire space.


Air Flow

Airflow in an air cooler is generally expressed in CFM, or cubic feet per minute, which represents the volume of air cycled through your room each minute. Fans are therefore utilized mostly in larger air coolers since they provide much larger volume of airflow compared to that of a typical blower, but at a lower pressure. A high-pressure airflow with a higher air speed can be produced by blowers in air coolers. Therefore, as opposed to blowers, which throw air in a specific direction to cool a specific area, fan type coolers are the best if you want to cool an entire room.


Design and Sound

Blowers models generally have a sleek & compact design, when compared to fan model. Also the sound associated with blowers is lesser compared to the exhaust fans. For the small size personal coolers, blowers can work as an ideal choice as they will be noiseless to operate and simple to store in confined locations. Furthermore these blower models are given lot of modern functions and even remote controls, which are generally not available with fan models.

However in case of window air coolers, where you need a wider circulation of air, fan models will work better.



Fan based air coolers are the widely used models and are therefore, easy to service even with local mechanics. You need not be depended on the brand service centre for the service as fans in the air coolers are easy to handle. Therefore, the servicing and maintenance will for fan based air coolers will always be economical compared to blower based air coolers. 


Cooling Pads

While an air cooler’s design and functionality are vital, it is the cooling pad in the air coolers that truly makes the machine effective and is responsible for the cooling efficiency. The capacity of these pads to absorb water and aid in a quicker evaporation process varies depending on whether they are made in honeycomb or aspen (wood wool) patterns (see the distinction between honeycomb or aspen cooling pads to understand the ideal pads for your location). Blower-type air coolers will commonly have honeycomb pads, whereas fan based air coolers give a choice for both honeycomb or aspen cooling pads.


Different Types of Air Coolers

Personal Coolers

Personal coolers are generally compact and small, making it possible to set them right next to your bed, sofa, chair, etc. They are also quite simple to move from one location to another due to their castor wheels, which make them conveniently transportable. These coolers are often light in weight, and may be placed almost anywhere. If you have a tiny area, you can simply choose this type. They provide efficient cooling in a small area, use less energy and are typically not as noisy as standard air coolers.


Tower Air Coolers

Tower air coolers look like room air coolers in design, but are taller versions with good designs. They are known for their compact and sleek design that can typically fit into tight locations making them ideal coolers for small space. They have good water tank capacity that allows you to use these coolers for extended periods of time and due to their taller size they provide great air-cooling property. Tower cooler is a wonderful investment if you want a cooler that has higher cooling capabilities than the room coolers but still is not expensive. Their style makes them the ideal fit for modern homes.

Window Coolers

Window coolers, as you might have guessed from the name, are installed in windows, and come in two common design – desert coolers or duct coolers. They are capable to cool entire available area, which makes them good fit for cooling of large hall or entire house. Desert cooler typically installed on the window using a fixed stand however, the duct coolers need not be necessarily installed in window and can be just kept outside facing towards the window. They come with movable trolly to move these coolers easily to different location if needed. Duct coolers are reasonably priced, have sophisticated design, and are stylish window coolers that go well with your home.



Investing in an air cooler is significantly more affordable and environmentally friendly. There are many options for air coolers available in the market ranging from fan-type as well as blower-type air coolers; it is reasonable to expect that you will look at the many choices and conduct thorough research on the specifications to decide which product suits well for your requirement. We hope that this post has answered your query about which cooler model is better – a blower cooler or a fan cooler?

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