What are the advantages of centralized air cooling ducting system?

Initially used for cooling specific area of a house without wasting too much inside space, centralized air cooling ducting systems, over the years have become more advanced in the hands of professionals, so that now they have enhanced performance, better output and low cost.

Due to a steady increase in the global temperature, more and more people are gradually turning to electrical appliances and technological gizmos to help with the sweltering heat and humidity of the summer season. As a result, more and more companies in the electronic market are creating and selling improved air coolers.

But before you plan centralized air cooling ducting system for your site, take a look at some of the most widely accepted benefits or advantages, as stated by regular users of air cooling ducting system.

1. Low cost of setting up

Setting up an air conditioning system can cost a ton of money. Thankfully, air cooling ducting systems are comparatively cheaper when compared to air conditioning system. This is because the mechanism involved in an air cooling system is simpler and lighter. Remember the saying that the simpler the machine, the lesser the chances of damage? Following that idea, there are lesser chances of your air cooling system of suffering a breakdown.

2. Air cooling ducting systems are more efficient

One major way of measuring the efficiency of a cooling tower is by determining the running cost / electrical power consumption. Usually, most air cooling systems consumes 1/10th power than the air conditioning system. Most air cooling used in centralized ducting use premium duty motors which consume comparatively lesser amount of energy, and cooling fans that use low horsepower. They run on several modes, including the “dry” mode during the winter season, which eliminates water consumption.

3. Easy maintenance

The life period and performance of a centralized ducting air cooler depends largely on how well it is maintained. Thankfully, since the overall system of a centralized ducting air cooler is comparatively simpler, maintenance is easy and cost effective. In fact, you can take care of your air cooler at home all by yourself, without any professional help. The cleaner the machine, lesser are the chances of the system sustaining damage due to corrosion. Also, repair costs and air cooler maintenance costs are comparatively more affordable.

4. Optimum use of water

More and more electrical equipments are being improved to be more eco-friendly, and ducting air coolers are not far behind. In order to increase the cooling efficiency of ducting coolers, thicker wood wool pads (Breathe Easy Cooling Pads) and Honey Comb Cooling Pads are available, where the same cooler is able to give a better cooling performance. Although initial cost for honey comb cooling pads is higher compared to breathe easy cooling pads, but the coolers have lesser maintenance cost as honey comb pads last for 3 to 4 years.

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