Evaporative cooler maintenance tips

Evaporative cooler maintenance tips

Okay, now that you have brought your perfect evaporative cooler for your home, what is the next logical step? To know the evaporative cooler maintenance tips, of course! Believe us when we say this, be it an air cooler [...]


Things to Consider When Before Buying an Evaporative Cooler

Evaporative coolers are a good solution for beating the heat when the mercury levels go high during summers. Also known as swamp coolers, evaporative coolers are easy to maintain, less expensive, more economic and more environment friendly alternatives of [...]

Centralized air cooling versus Centralized air conditioning.

Household Indian customer is easily able to differentiate air conditioners versus air coolers for domestic cooling applications, but when it comes to centralized cooling customers are aware only of centralized air conditioning as the solution. Only very few customers [...]

Ram Coolers offers widest range of Industrial Cooler in India

Ram Coolers has complete range of large Desert coolers and duct coolers to meet the cooling requirement of large areas. These coolers can be fitted through ducting or directly through window as based on the site specifications and effectively [...]

Five reasons to select air coolers vs air conditioners

Harsh summers can really drench you completely making you sweaty as well as dehydrated. Only thing one desires in hot summer is the relief from heat. Air coolers can serve as most effective and economical option to manage temperature [...]

Tips for longer trouble free operation of Nagpur Air Coolers

Regular maintenance of air cooler will help to ensure the effective cooling and longer life of a air cooler. Air coolers are much economical yet effective way of managing summers compared to Air conditioners. One not only saves on [...]

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